In a patio-process and some final Easter thoughts

DSCN0298Max doesn’t quite understand that our new patio is ‘in process’. He thinks it’s quite splendid at the excavation stage.

And ‘in process’ we are. Our crappy old patio that we’d learned to loathe over the years is now gone and next week they will pour concrete for our brand spanking new all contoured and other fancy stuff patio that will be a bit more inviting than the slummy thing we finally eradicated.

Of course, with a major undertaking like this you realize there are disruptions in your life and you learn things like there is no point in vacuuming because the dog will track all things loamy through the house.  And it will be noisy. Machinery and stuff is like that. But, all in all it’s stimulating to anticipate the change.

Needless to say, a new patio will demand a new barbecue – I’ve been told. Our crappy old black relic will just not ‘do’ in the new venue. So, gone it shall be to be replaced with something all stainless steelish.

And that’s about it for the Piazza Lidster.

A few more thoughts about Easter:

etherDeep contemplation about this time of year left me with lingering questions about the celebration this weekend. Indulge me some musings that I didn’t cover in my last blog, if you please.

–         Why aren’t radio stations flooded with obnoxious Easter songs?

–         Why isn’t the marketplace tapping into this and selling bigtime via TV. Surely not all chocolate bunnies are big movers.

–         Why don’t we celebrate Easter Eve?

–         Why aren’t there mammoth sales on Easter Monday? Surely people could stock up on cut-rate baskets and paraphernalia for next year, and maybe pick up an i-Pad in the process.

–         Why don’t people put up Easter lights on their houses? You know, maybe in a purple and yellow motif. Not to mention an Easter wreathe on the front door.

We are in a time of shaky economy, all you movers of junk. Get to it and don’t let an annual event go to waste due to lack of public interest. Make the public interested. It can be bought.

Now, truly, have a Happy Easter!



10 responses to “In a patio-process and some final Easter thoughts

  1. Isn’t it funny how we can live for many years with a part of our homes that we really dislike (I don’t know how long it’s been with you with the patio, but it’s been 10 years for me with the kitchen), then when we finally DO something about it, we shake our heads and puzzle over why it took us so long? Weird species, humans are.
    Happy Easter to you, Wendy and Max!

  2. We finally got round to installing a new kitchen….it was wild for a while with dust and then wet cement….but now I feel as if it has always been there…takes a photograph of ‘before’ to realise that it used to be crap.

  3. Max reminds me of Barney. When we took out the in-ground spa, we used cheap fill dirt to fill the hole. Barney loved it and would roll around like he was on a beach. Now that it’s all grassed over, I feel bad sometimes knowing how much he loved that dirt.

  4. I was noticing a trend toward the commercialization of this holiday down here. No Easter carols, but plenty of Easter present suggestions. Really? The bunny brings presents now? O-kay. My brother-in-law celebrates Zombie Jesus Day. I’m a fan of Chocolate Day, and an even bigger fan of tomorrow ~ Half-Price Chocolate Day. But we’re somewhat sacrilegious around Casa de Pobble.

    • I like Zombie Jesus Day. An irreverent friend says they should market chocolate crucifixes at Easter and cash in. Half-price chocolate day. I was forgetting about that. And I’m happy you are irreverent folk. My kinda people.

  5. Ha! I just realized the season finale of “The Walking Dead” was on Zombie Jesus Day. Perfect. Subtle. Perfect.

  6. LOL to Geewits’ comment. Now Ian, please stop suggesting ways to make Easter even more obnoxious than it already is

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