You may not think that ‘you’ count, but your vote surely does

voteIt’s Election Day here in the bailiwick of British Columbia. This is not something that pleases me as I am of the WC Fields school in that I invariably vote ‘against’ rather than ‘for’.

That’s because few are the politicians who actually deserve to have me cast a ballot in their direction. This time around has been more difficult than most, if I’m honest about it. In other words, have any of you done anything that makes you worthy of my tax dollars.


At the same time I am always reminded come election time how much I cherish the freedoms we have in this moderately democratic society – and remember even our societies in the liberated West are only true democracies on election day – and that I can go off to cast my ballot without a bunch of goons waylaying me along the way. I never noticed any grenade attacks nor bloodied victims lying in the gutters along the way.

This is a good thing. It’s a good thing that I haven’t recently seen tanks plying our thoroughfares and I haven’t had to stop at a checkpoint at any locale on my travels. No boots of stormtroopers coming up my steps at 2 a.m. either.

This, however, doesn’t let our politicians – either existing or aspirant – off the hook. There are huge illnesses and inequalities in this blessed society of ours. Care for the environment is a kind of seat-of-the-pants shambles; care of underprivileged children is shockingly lax; education is (always) in a state of turmoil and no, in my esteem as a former teachers, the answer is not throwing more money at teachers despite their union’s belief they deserve it. Medical costs have soared and access has diminished;

And, we’re hugely in debt. If we ran our household accounts the way governments do we’d all be declaring personal bankruptcy. Yet the promises of even more expenditures were vomited out by both sides prior to the election. OK, and I want a new BMW convertible, and that shouldn’t be so hard for you considering the way you plan on spending should your bozos win.

Anyway, I have exercised my franchise and was happy to have the opportunity to do so, despite how much I might bitch.


7 responses to “You may not think that ‘you’ count, but your vote surely does

  1. Personally I think that if you don’t go out and vote (for or against) you have no right to bitch. Thus, I always vote cause I need to bitch.

  2. I think there needs to be more open discussion among non-politicians regarding voting methodology: for the candidate, for the party, or strategically (sp?). Since we are still stuck with FPTP system…

  3. Sounds like the US ,but I think it is worse here; I always vote and my candidates nearly always lose…

  4. Vote for the party that makes the fewest promises, they will be the least disappointing in the end.

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