Keep them smartass scientickers at bay or they’ll be wantin’ t’ake over


For those of you who don’t live in these parts the activities that take place in the Centre of the Universe education site at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Victoria won’t mean a great deal.


But, let’s just say it is another case (among cases that have become all too frequent in Canada of late) of ‘Dumbness Triumphant’ for the sake of saving a few pennies for a federal government that likes to make those pennies bleed as they squeeze them – unless those pennies are going in the direction of Big Banks and the Big Petro Cartel.

Just sayin’.

So, what are we talking about in terms of bucks here? $245,000 for the wages of three staffers per annum, plus a further 32K for housekeeping and maintenance.

Two-hundred-and-forty-five grand! For crissake, that’s about the equivalent of Mike Duffy’s lunch tab for a week. What is wrong with us?

I want to know what has happened to a country that used to be at the forefront in scientific and medical research? Yet, research stations of all stripe are holus-bolus being slashed by the Harper feds, leading to challenges for the medical profession and environmental bodies and, obviously in this case, the realms of legitimate science.

Is there some political delusion that Canadians don’t want to see their tax bucks go in the direction of “them goddamn scientickers.”? Or are the supporters of such expenditure cuts folks that had problems with their 8th grade science courses that they were immersed in shortly before leaving school for good to become car-wash attendants or airport security scrutinizers?

And forgive me for suggesting, but I’m not convinced I’m wrong, but might not the reason for a decision made by people who occupy drone offices in an ugly town with a dreadful climate across the river from Hull be found in the fact that the Dominion Observatory is in Victoria – a far away land of which Ottawa knows little and wherein there might indeed be dragons?

I cannot help but think if the observatory in question were positioned in Ontario and definitely Quebec the fed bean counters wouldn’t have dared touch it.

I rarely venture into the political darkside in my blog since I hold the belief that in a democracy people are entitled to their beliefs at the voting booth. But when I see my country being, for the sake of fiscal prudence (maybe), depleted of its scientific prowess in a perilous time, I cringe.

Of course, those who gained most from the Centre of the Universe facility have been kids down the years.

Aw, to hell with them. Feed them sugary fizzy drinks in large containers and give them electronic games and they’ll be happy.

Hey, here’s a thought. Have the feds looked into the costs of our school systems across the land? Now, if you really want to save the big bucks, you know.




6 responses to “Keep them smartass scientickers at bay or they’ll be wantin’ t’ake over

  1. Often many of us shake our heads and wonder “why” they spend money the way they do.

  2. And you know the worst part? While the opposition might cluck and say it’s awful, when(if) they next get into power, they won’t reinstate the funding. I hate politicos.

  3. Maybe they want citizens who will follow their agenda with docile obedience rather than thinking for themselves and being able to make well grounded arguments. The one percent controlling the rest, perhaps?

  4. If a couple of those politicians could take a small pay cut down from the astronomical, think of the science that money could support! It’s just dark… really dark…

  5. And I’m sure you heard about the feds shutting down the Coast Guard station closest to Vancouver’s busiest harbour, so now when there’s an emergency there, the Coast Guard will take 45 minutes to get there from the remaining station 17 nautical miles away near the airport – IF they’re not already busy with something else down there. But it’s okay, because the feds are saving 700,000$ a year. And pretty much the day they shut it down, they announced they were building a new facility in a town of 2500 people in Newfoundland/Labrador – for 6.6 $ million. Ludicrous!

  6. I live in a country that is currently debating whether or not to teach creationism in science classes. I feel your pain.

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