You’re welcome with my compliments to claim Celine and Anka


Here in the Frozen North (where our temperature locally is expected to hit about 90F today) it is Canada Day. Or for very ancient people such as myself, it is Dominion Day. But whatever you wish to call it, it is the day in which Canadians shuck their national inferiority complex and extol the virtues of living in this A mari usque ad mere (you could look it up).

Canada has always, and quite understandably, suffered from a certain inferiority complex that largely stems from the fact we live right next door to a national entity with 10 times our population and with whom we haven’t always had the best of relationships. Or, to channel Woody Allen regarding our uneasy connectedness, “The lion will lie down with the lamb but the lamb won’t get much sleep.”

Personally I love the US, which shouldn’t be seen as suggesting I love everything the US does. But, I like traveling in the US and I have American friends whom I hold in great esteem. I had American family members and cherished summer vacations stateside and I had many of those. I could celebrate the Glorious Fourth with as much enthusiasm as my Yank cousins. I will confess I have often wondered if I’d be comfortable living in the US, namely in either Oregon, California or Hawaii, all places that I’ve loved. And I am yet to find a reason why that might not be agreeable other that America’s antagonism to health coverage which, for a person past a certain age, is an important consideration.

Of course, other Canadians have made the shift ‘across the line’ and with great success. So much success that Americans are surprised that certain theatrical or musical icons are in fact Canucks. And part of our ‘inferiority complex’ holds that once you’ve made it in the US you have made it to the big time. Vancouver and Toronto or Montreal may be fine, but New York and LA are the ones that count, it seems.

So, in my Canada Day nod in the direction of Canadians who’ve done good I offer you a list of Canadians you just might have thought were American:

  1. Allan Dwan
  2. Arthur Hiller
  3. Atom Egoyan
  4. Barry Pepper
  5. Carrie Ann Moss
  6. Christopher Plummer
  7. Dan Akroyd
  8. David Cronenberg
  9. Deanne Durbin
  10. Deepa Mehta
  11. Denys Arcand
  12. Donald Sutherland
  13. Edward Dmytryk
  14. Elias Koteas
  15. Elisha Cuthbert
  16. Ellen Page
  17. Evangeline Lilly
  18. Fay Wray
  19. Genevieve Bujold
  20. Glenn Ford
  21. Graham Greene (actor)
  22. Guy Maddin
  23. Harold Russell
  24. Hayden Christensen
  25. Hume Cronyn
  26. Ivan Reitman
  27. Jack Carson
  28. Jack Warner
  29. James Cameron
  30. Jason Priestly
  31. Jim Carrey
  32. John Candy
  33. John Ireland
  34. Kate Nelligan
  35. Kim Catrell
  36. Leslie Nielsen
  37. Lois Maxwell
  38. Mack Sennett
  39. Margot Kidder
  40. Marie Dressler
  41. Mark Robson
  42. Mary Pickford
  43. Matthew Perry
  44. Michael Cera
  45. Michael J. Fox
  46. Michael Snow
  47. Mike Myers
  48. Milton Berle
  49. Natasha Henstridge
  50. Neve Campbell
  51. Norma Shearer
  52. Norman Jewison
  53. Oliver Platt
  54. Pamela Anderson
  55. Rachel McAdams
  56. Raymond Burr
  57. Raymond Massey
  58. Rick Moranis
  59. Roger Spottiswoode
  60. Ruby Keeler
  61. Ryan Gosling
  62. Ryan Reynolds
  63. Sandra Oh
  64. Seth Rogen
  65. Sidney J Furie
  66. Ted Kotcheff
  67. Tom Green
  68. Walter Huston
  69. Walter Pidgeon
  70. William Shatner







8 responses to “You’re welcome with my compliments to claim Celine and Anka

  1. dave wheatley

    and scads of very talented hollywood screen and tv writers i love a lot of the subtle references to canada that pop up in dialog,Happy Birthday Canada ,the day you can do a little flag waving without feeling self conscious

  2. I don’t see at all why Canadians should be self conscious or feel inferior to the US. American politics and policies have undone any bragging rights, in my opinion.

  3. How much to take Jim Carrey back? 😉

  4. How could you forget Paul Shaffer? He rocks! (From Thunder Bay)

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