Ve haff vays of makink you obey ze rules!

bombaI don’t much care for ‘authority’.

Control-freaks drive me mad and evoke my absolutely worst impulses, with passive-aggressives being the most nefarious of the lot.

Tell me what to do and despite how logical your demand might be, I can be inclined to do the opposite – either out of spite or out of antagonism at being ordered about. Probably why I had my problems with school.

At the same time, I’m a law-abiding person. If there is logic to the ‘rules’ in any situation I won’t go out and flout the law. Laws for the most part are about public safety and I’m self-indulgent about wanting to be safe when I’m out and about in the world.

So, I don’t break the law unless I think it’s a really stupid law (like exhortations to leash my dog who is the best-behaved canine in the known universe) and that if I do break it I’m not going to go to jail. I don’t like jail. I was there once briefly and do not wish to repeat those hours. I don’t like peeing in a stainless-steel commode, among other indignities that punctuate the ambience of your average crowbar-hotel.

But, as I say, it’s about public safety.

Case-in-point, we had an incident back here on Canada Day, July 1, in which two people (a domestic couple) were apprehended by the RCMP because it is alleged they planned to plant ‘Boston Specials’, AKA pressure cooker bombs (as an aside, can you still get pressure cookers these days? I haven’t seen one in years) in the mixture of men, women and kiddies gathered en masse at the BC Legislative buildings to celebrate our equivalent of July 4th. Had such devices been activated, as it has been alleged was the intention of these two bozos, then the ensuing horror-show would have been hideous.

Anyway, the gentlemen and ladies of the red serge and assorted security services who played their parts, have asserted that the nefarious duo, with some vague connectedness to Al Qaeda, not to mention being card-carrying Muslim converts, had been under scrutiny for months and the big bust took place on Canada Day – and why not? Symbolism counts for everything.

There has been no suggestion that Al Qaeda per se had no international terrorism role in this misadventure, but that these little nutbars were just a couple of stooges who mounted their own little dirty plan unaided by outside forces.

Whoever they were, I am contented by the fact they were apprehended and if genuine harm to the public was intended then I’m doubly glad.

Of course, civil libertarians and conspiracy theorists have waded into the mix (as is their wont) and are alleging that that whole thing is a tempest in a teapot and was designed to make the cops look good and that they really had nothing on those cute, albeit remarkably dysfunctional, kids. Indeed the term ‘entrapment’ has been vouchsafed.

Well, personally, I have no problem with entrapment if it gets bad people put into places where they can do no further harm.

Ultimately, whatever is the truth of the matter will be revealed in the courts and I’ll trust the upholders of the law did their due-diligence and it was all that they said it was. I’ll hope it was all legitimate controlling of what could have been a disastrous event.

If not …. Hmm.


One response to “Ve haff vays of makink you obey ze rules!

  1. If not… Minority Report…?

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