Flogging’s too good for these youthful transgressors

I’m not sure where and when the ‘droopy drawers’ fashion statement began. I mean, when I was in high school we wore our jeans low-slung but we didn’t flash our skivvies at all and sundry in a highly disagreeable manner. We tucked our shirts in.

Some say it started with skateboarders. Fair enough. Many distasteful elements of contemporary society can be ascribed to rampant ‘skateboardism’, so why not saggy strides?

My concern with the ‘look’ is twofold: 1) It’s stupid and 2) it’s highly disagreeable to the observer.

It seems to be a largely male domain. Would I object if females shared their undertogs with the rest of the world? I take that back, they also do; especially thong-wearers. Yet, somehow that is different I once watched a young mom tending to the needs of her toddler by squatting down to his level – and displaying virtually half her bum crack. I thought of alerting the store manager about this affront to public decency, but refrained. Y’know.

So, I must bear that in mind when I read entries on Facebook decrying the droopy drawers look and wanting to see it banned from the eyes of the public. You see, I am always wary when people call for state interference in areas that are truly none of the state’s fucking business, If horrible taste becomes a crime then I think a lot of folks are going to be locked up.

It starts to enter the realm of anti-scent fanatics who seek flailings for those who dab a drop of Anais-Anais in their cleavage. Or anti-sidestream smoke psychos who want to see smoking relegated to a different universe.

Now, most of the adherents to droopy-drawers are young and the youthful are to be noted for their refusal to comply with normal precepts of acceptability. This is akin to young females in London in the early 1970s miniskirt days who would take pains to actually flash their knickers in public because the panties were part of their fashion statement. Tsk-tsk. Most disagreeable.

I also notice in the TV series Cops most of the apprehended young felons sport the jeans to the knees look, Mere coincidence? Who am I to judge?

And really, is it all much more offensive than geezers who manage to find trousers with really long crotches so they can cinch them up just below the ribcage? Maybe we should just learn to accept that things come and go and some just aren’t worth getting exercised about.


8 responses to “Flogging’s too good for these youthful transgressors

  1. Heh. Last night I witnessed the Droopy Pants Syndrome… but without the underwear. Either he had enough fore-and-aft to hold them up, or there was some superglue involved. He would’ve been more attractive starkers. Jest sayin’…

  2. In the wise words of Pope Francis, “who am I to judge?” It is challenging not to judge women wearing perfume though as it brings on migraines. A migraine is a day or two out of my life. And old man jeans, yikes. I guess I will feel free to judge those things that make me physically ill. I think that’s fair. Knock yourselves out old men.

    • Debra, I don’t ever want to be so old that I have to wear old man jeans. Now, re scent and allergies (and as a sufferer you have my sympathies), you must have a difficult time in the UK and Europe where women tend to drench themselves.

  3. The droopy pants look started quite a while back with the rappers, but it is actually out of style. I hate it and sometimes when one passes me I have said, “Ewww! Skid marks!” The baggy bum will grab and pull his pants up and move away. LOL I often wonder if they go to a bathroom to check! Sometimes I have said, “Excuse me but your pants are falling off.” When I see them the image that comes to my mind is a toddler with a very full diaper. LOL I hate the look and most girls have told me that they hate it as well. They have said they prefer pants that hug a guys butt. So guys, take notice if you want to attract girls!

    • I absolutely love your sense of humor and irreverence, Rose. Oh, and I definitely try to wear butt huggers as my wife thinks I have a cute one. Just sayin’

  4. Every generation has its look that’s all about annoying the adults. The droopy pants crew will have kids who will think of something that will make them say “In my day”….

  5. I truly don’t let such things get me down. I find chicks with masses of tattoos much less savory in appearance. A little rose bud on the bum is adorable, but this full sleeve shit, come on.

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