‘Who wears short-shorts? Often people who shouldn’t

Being a casual observer of societal trends, all in the name of personal research, you understand, it has come to my attention that shorts on young females seem to be, well, shorter this year.

Trends comes and trends go and for a few years we’ve lived in a virtual wasteland of ‘baggies’ and Bermuda like garments, even on girls but this year the fashion seems to be back to tightness and anatomical emphasis. And not a moment too soon, for by the next time my blood-pressure might not be up to any sort of overstimulation.

I jest, of course. I barely notice public pulchritude. I am also left with the uneasy feeling that the upward and inward movement of shorts fabric might mean that men will also begin to embrace the trend.

Will we be having a return of dudes wanting to deck out like Tom Selleck on Magnum PI back in the day? God, I hope not, and my suggestion is that if you want to don aloha shirt and bitsy shorts, dudes, then you damn well better look just like Selleck as he did back then. Odds aren’t good.

Anyway, there could be reasons for all of this retro-visitation. And I don’t think any of it has to do with the revamping of Hawaii 5-0, which I believe on any given broadcast evening is watched by upwards of 11 viewers. Too bad that, the scenery is nice, but it doesn’t seem to have captured the pulse of society. Maybe people are missing the old one especially since they have co-opted the cool Ventures theme song with the remake. Yet, the old one boasted (if that’s the word) two of the most wooden actors in TV-dom in Jack Lord and James (“book ‘im, Danno”) MacArthur.

But, none of this has much to do with shorts and I think I’ve said all I need to about the rebirth of shorty-shorts on girls without getting lewd, and also to mention that in some countries the wearing of Bermudas by males who have also donned black socks and business shoes is a capital offence. As it should be.

Now I have an earworm of ‘Who wears short-shorts?’ stuck in my head.


7 responses to “‘Who wears short-shorts? Often people who shouldn’t

  1. Only a young Tom Selleck could rock that look. Everyone else…? Ew.

    I think we are missing the rituals that allow for proper and limited display of nubility. Kind of like the debutante’s balls and marriage fairs of the past where the whole point was to present youth to the public at marriageable age, and maybe marry them off. This freewheeling stuff has no purpose.

    In my opinion, of course!

    • You know, dear Linda, I cannot argue with a single point you made, only wholeheartedly agree. And that damn young Tom Selleck could rock any look, and I say that as a resolutely straight male.

  2. The trend seems to be too much (or too little) as often as possible. In the name of eschewing shame, we’ve embraced immodesty.

    I’m going to try to be amused by it all for as long as possible.


  3. It’s a vicious circle. Fugly styles always come back. The short short, the skinny jean, which just a couple of years ago, fashion “experts” were telling us was ugly and looked bad on everyone. Now they’re saying it makes you look thinner. Really?

    I’m expecting the 80s linebacker shoulder pads next.

  4. I NEVER wore shorts THAT short! I was in high school from 66-70 and hot pants, miniskirts and crop tops were the fashion but NEVER like they wear nowadays!!! Does not look particularly attractive or comfortable!

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