A most unwelcome visitation chez moi

I am currently undergoing the aftermath of a migraine. That’s irksome, to state the case remarkably mildly.

This is the second visitation in as many weeks and I’m not happy about that because I had gone for over a year without one and thought perhaps I had outgrown them, or something.

I am fortunate in the sense I don’t get the ‘please God, take me now’ kind of blinding headaches that cause some to seek a dark and silent room where they can agonize away from anything on the planet.

No, mine are mainly irksome because the predominant symptom for me is ‘auras’. Little lightning bolts begin to manifest in a corner of my visual field and ultimately compromise my entire field with an internal electrical storm. And then they pass in almost exactly a half hour. However, I am left feeling dispirited, apathetic, lacking in energy, etc. Yes, even more than normally.

The odd thing is the bastards sneak up on me even though the signs are present the day before in the so-called ‘promordial phase’ in which I feel inexplicably depressed, fatigued and irritated for no apparent reason. Then when it hits the next day I can go “aha, that’s what that was all about.”

Anyway, that said, I am gratified that I have nothing hugely challenging to deal with today – you know, like getting married or beginning a long dreamt of vacation.

Causes? Beats me. Lots of theories about it. Allergies are often named as culprits: Chocolate, coffee, red wine, methamphetamine. Just kidding about the last one, and since I no longer drink the penultimate one won’t be a factor, either.

Personally I opt for major change in air pressure combined with low-level (or high level) stress. I had my first many years ago just after I had finished final exams in my senior university year.

I have had them at odd times. I have gotten the visual auras in my sleep and can see the lightning bolts in my closed eyelids. I once had an attack whilst making love and am proud to state that I didn’t let that deter me from my chosen objective I once had one while snorkeling in Hawaii. And I have had them on airline flights, which sort of adds insult to injury considering the state of air travel these days.

Anyway, I am OK, but I you want to feel really bad for me and send warm kisses in my direction (if you are female) then I am up for it.
(By the way the graphic pretty much captures what it looks like)


13 responses to “A most unwelcome visitation chez moi

  1. Another thing we have in common, I get those kind of migraines too, except they’re just the start, and most often evolve into the nausea inducing mind bendingly painful kind. It’s been a long while since the last one – maybe menopause has killed ’em. Fingers crossed.

  2. Holy cow.

    Back when I was hanging with Russians, they said that changes in barometric pressure were evident in headaches — particularly migraines.

    Hope it’s all gone soon.


  3. I didn’t even have to read your post to know what you were writing about — your graphic struck fear in my gut as it looked achingly familiar! I’m glad you are over the latest one, Ian, and will cross my fingers for you that it’s the last for awhile. I have been suffering from migraines since I was eight years old. The auras are harbingers of dread for me.

  4. Do you have the blue light in the corner of your vision field too? That’s what I get, along with the little lightning bolts. And fortunately (so far), my ocular migraines have never morphed into a full-blown “regular” migraine. That’s interesting, too, that you experience some fatigue, depression, etc before and afterwards. I don’t think I do, but I’ll have to pay more attention the next time I have an episode.

  5. I used to get such bad migraines, which made me horribly nauseous, light and noise caused more pain, and banging my head on a wall made it feel better. I lived with them monthly for years until a doctor in 1998 when I was 46 years old told me of a medicine called Imitrex–a miracle!! The shots would make it go away within 1 minute! Pills took longer.

    • Interesting about the Imitrex. I’ve had two in the past two weeks and had gone more than a year since the last one. I think it’s to do with the weather having changed.

  6. Oh, poor you. I can’t even begin to imagine what that is like but it sounds horrendous. As requested, I’m sending over lots of kisses and probably, a few guest readers as I have told everyone on my blog how fab you are. Here’s hoping you don’t get any more migraines in the near future

    • Well now, the kisses are hugely appreciated and given back, Ms.
      Chery. And thank you for the compliments and advising others to drop by. What a lovely newfound friend you are. It must be the jouralistic simpatico we have.

  7. I used to get migraines several times a week. for years. (of the “please god take me now” variety) it has now been almost 2 decades since I last had one. but every year, especially around this time with the high humidity and changeable weather, I feel a fearful tension as I expect one more to occur.
    I feel for you. I really, really do. once experienced, one never forgets.

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