Offering up my naked self for public scrutiny, as it were

Those who know me well know that I am a very private person. I’m a bit of an ambivert (which is better than some other ‘verts’ a body can be) and while not uncomfortably shy and certainly not unfriendly, I do play the old cards fairly close to the chest and don’t like calling attention to myself.

So, you might well be asking, “If the bastard is so %$#@ private, why did he spend much of his working career in the public eye, and why does he go on Facebook and why does he blog?” Well, some things (like the personality of Stephen Harper or why anybody ever voted for Richard Nixon) just cannot be explained.

The only reason I bring this up is because I am planning – for the first time ever – to put a couple of paintings up in a local art gallery show. I’m kind of nervous about that. What if people hate the paintings I’m mounting at the show. What if they are driven to offer such pleasantries as:

“What utter crap!”
“How did he dare?”
“Look what he’s asking for them!”
“My kid could do better.” (A classic)
“My God. What’s that supposed to be?”

And so on and so on. The critics are probably already conspiring to mock me.

Yes, the foregoing should serve to indicate that I am actually asking for money for the two paintings I’m putting in with the hope that somebody is so pound-foolish that they actually might fork out for an original Lidster.

I am not a professional painter and have never taken any art courses. If I consider myself anything it’s as kind of an advanced hobbyist. The only training per se that I’ve ever taken is a couple of sessions of life drawing in which I got to sit in a room with nekkid ladies (and men on a few occasions). I learned a lot with those sessions.

Otherwise, for me at least, painting is a creative act that removes me from writing and tends to refresh my soul a little. I do it because I like it.

And the painting shown here (a scene near Tigh-na-Mara Resort), which is one of mine indeed is not one that will be in the show at the Pearl Ellis Gallery in Comox later this month. Advance advertising seems a little unfair to me.


10 responses to “Offering up my naked self for public scrutiny, as it were

  1. I think it is lovely! I would love to do water colors but use my camera instead, as you can tell by my blog posts. Often thought some of my photos are worthy of being used in a painting!

  2. Good luck!

  3. Who cares what they think – besides you won’t be there all the time to hear any nasty comments. I think it’s great you’re putting yourself out there, whether you sell any or not.

  4. 1. I like your art.
    2. I also like the word “ambivert” and plan to start using it as it describes me perfectly.
    3. You live in public and blog and are on FB for all the reasons the rest of us ambiverts do: there’s a public life, where we are gregarious and fun and social beings, and then there’s the private life, that a select few are allowed to see. And if people don’t get that, then boo on them. 😉

  5. Congratulations on your art show, dear friend. Your naked self will, under public scrutiny, be sure to impress. Your art, like your writng is prolific and beautiful.

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