I too get the appeal of ‘Penny Time’ among the great unwashed



According to a poll in the latest Vanity Fair, respondents when offered choices among certain female leads in popular TV series in terms of which one they’d choose to be their wives if they had the option to marry one of them, the hands-down winner by a huge margin was ‘Penny’ (AKA Kaley Cuoco) from The Big Bang Theory.

Penny, coming in at 23 percent, smoked sophisticates Alicia Florick from The Good Wife, and Megan Draper from Mad Men. Now, Alicia is played by the almost painfully appealing (to me, anyway) Julianna Margulies, so I am not sure why she scored so low in the poll. Perhaps she’s the kind of exotic woman who might frighten certain men. Megan Draper, yeah, not so much here, either. I actually found Betty Draper more enticing in her awful bitchiness.

But, you know, the Penny thing about trumping all the other contenders I get. I must confess she’d be my choice, too. Although, for a few reasons it might not last. On the other hand, I know it would be a great romp whilst it did.

Why it wouldn’t last:

1) she’s a tad young for me
2) sometimes she drinks too much and becomes a bit of an asshole
3) while she’s smart as a tack she’s not terribly well educated or informed
4) She’s a bit of a material glutton

Why she won the poll hands down:

1) She’s a healthy, grain-fed Nebraska girl. You think farm girls don’t trump sophisticates? Ask Hugh Hefner about that. He built an empire on extolling them and their appeal.
2) She’s a bit stacked like gangbusters, but not over the top.
3) She has an extremely healthy libido.
4) She’s very kind and tolerant.
5) She has a wonderful sense-of-humor
6) She’s fun.

As an inveterate welcomer of the challenges posed by the New York Times Sunday Crossword you can imagine my delight when, in a recent offering, Kaley Cuoco was the answer to a clue. This puts the girl in august intellectual company.

And that’s about all I have to say about the lovely Penny. As I suggested, she’s not complex and neither is the topic.


6 responses to “I too get the appeal of ‘Penny Time’ among the great unwashed

  1. I guess I should watch The Big Bang Theory, cause again, I have never heard of this person.

  2. It says a lot that most men would prefer a dumb blonde. My husband would choose the character Kate Beckett from “Castle.” She’s a lead police detective, smart as whip and super hot (and not blonde). Was she on the list? (And we like Penny and watch the show.)

  3. Why do guys prefer blondes? I think brunettes have the sultry, smoldering, mysterious look. The actress Emmy Rossum is very sexy. Check her out:
    then let me know what you think.

    • Actually, I don’t prefer blondes. Find brunettes and redheads more alluring in terms of sexuality, and thanks for Emily Rossum — glorious. No, I merely like Penny for her character and she’d just as appealing as a brunette. Since the actress is actually Hispanic she likely is brunette in real life.

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