And the blighter also laid poor Jesse in his grave

“Well, it was Robert Ford that dirty little coward
I wonder now how he feels for he ate of Jesse’s bread
And he slept on Jesse’s bed, and he laid poor Jesse in his grave”

Bob Seger – Jesse James Lyrics | MetroLyrics
According to recent news Toronto Mayor Robert Ford has been revealed as the alleged crack-smoker he has persistently denied being. And now we have to contend with the fact he also shot Jesse James. That dude has been getting around for a long time.
The namesake reference in the old song came to mind as I occupied my thoughts about the plight of pudgy li’l Bob back there in Hogtown and thought about how the good Burghers of York on the Lake must be reeling at the ignominy.
No, I don’t really blame Torontonians, although they did vote for the somewhat morally-challenged porker with dubious connections. Well, some of them did and there can be no denying that. I also must confess the entire debacle has been a fun ride for those of us who do not live and die in TO.
On the other hand, re Toronto: Smugness has its own rewards – and sometimes penalties. Just sayin’
Was Rotund Rob as bad as his adversaries hoped he was. Well, there certainly are elements in Toronto who hope that is so. It doesn’t make the voters of the city seem like buffoons. In other words, they were duped.
Of course for Canadians in the hinterland of the country – ie, not Toronto – this debacle has been a source of sheer delight and high comedy. They have had to contend with a city that has for years been a legend in its own collective mind, so when things all began to go pear-shaped there, the events were highly risible.
A friend, a Torontonian, once told me how exasperated she would get by the attitudes of her fellow citizens who honestly felt there was nothing of worth in the country west of Yonge Street. She, who had actually ventured to other Canadian centres, grew weary of trying to inform them how wrong they were.
So, as an unrepentant West Coaster I can only find the damn thing amusing. God knows we’ve had our own morally bankrupt pols, so it was Toronto’s turn to be a national laughing stock. ‘Laughing Stock!” Isn’t that a bit strong? Not really, because that is the case.
Be strong people and you will prevail, though don’t count on anybody from elsewhere in the country to forget quickly.

Oh, and there’s still the Jesse James thing.


2 responses to “And the blighter also laid poor Jesse in his grave

  1. Ah Rob… Well, at least they aren’t dealing with corruption in City Hall like we are in Montreal. Though of course, I firmly believe that’s because they haven’t started digging yet.

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