Excommunicate now! For nothing can stop the Spanish Inquisition!

“At long last, Senator, have you no shame?” So said charming and sagacious old Judge Joseph Welch to the reptilian Senator Joe McCarthy back in the closing days of those disgusting hearings.

The same might be said of Fat Rob Ford, except he has no shame whatsoever and proves it every day in every article and every soundbite right across the land and even internationally. I mean, really, it’s a great story. The tale of a repulsive man who literally has no shame.

I don’t use the adjective fat advisedly because even his dear old mom thinks the fact that her son is really-really-really fat is the root of his problems. His problems have nothing to do with him being a wacky-terbacky drunken, filthy-mouthed crackhead – nope, it’s just that he’s a tubbo and ashamed of that reality.

Yeah, right.

By now a lot of people – especially people not in Toronto — are getting pretty fed up with reading or hearing about the shenanigans of this jerk who, like the drunk at the tale end of a party, just doesn’t know when to go.

But, it seems there is no law that says they can chuck the shameful bastard out of his office, or even throw him in the slammer. That’s weird in itself, but so be it. If they actually convict him of something, it’d help in that regard, but it doesn’t seem they can.

He’s there. For the duration of his term.

Well, here’s an idea. Fat Ford has an ego as huge as his girth. What if people stop feeding it? It’s going to be a hard haul for the media which has been vulture-like feeding on this shit, but maybe they could assume a role here. Just stop the stories. Don’t give him an inch of ink.

Meanwhile, erstwhile colleagues – and most of them are by now erstwhile – can actively (not passively) shun him. Don’t give him the time of day.

The Catholic Church has a process that handles people who have run afoul of the dictates of the church – it’s called excommunication. And there you have it. Excommunicate him; render him a non-person, send him to Coventry, and so on and so on.

There. Problem solved.

But, damn, it’s such a juicy story that it’s hard to let go of it even if it is distracting (much to the federal government’s delight) public attention from our slimeball

And, I confess, I just went and got drawn into the media circus, too. I mean, he just makes it so easy. I think he may be a secret correspondent for the Toronto paper that first ran the crack story.


8 responses to “Excommunicate now! For nothing can stop the Spanish Inquisition!

  1. Too many excuses for him (“Poor baby has a complex because he is so fat”) I think he is full of hot air!!

  2. I’m just wondering what excuse the methodist minister -cum- director of the Co-operative bank will come up with for buying crystal meth just before giving evidence to a Commons select committee…..

  3. Hey, at least while he’s the number one news story, corruption in Quebec is outta the news!

  4. This is what we’ve been saying about certain former politicians down here for a while, too. Stop feeding the beast and it will go away. But, as you say, a juicy story with a salacious sound bite is hard to let go of.

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