Like Popeye I yam what I yam, so here’s a brief glimpse of who I yam

puppy wuppy murphy

Remember when memes used to be all the rage in the blogsphere? I hadn’t seen one in years and I confess, egocentric bastard that I am, I always like the self-analysis mini-bio aspect of them. I mean, who doesn’t like to write just about themselves.

I took this one from UK blogger Chery on Cake and am grateful for this little bit of pre-Christmas inspiration – or, outright theft (with my own spin) if you prefer.

First memory?

I’m sitting with my feet dangling at the end of a pram in Victoria, BC with my mother in attendance and there is a baby ensconced therein. I don’t remember much else around me and I found out later we were there because my dad, who was in the navy, was stationed at the navy base at HMCS Esquimalt. I would have been about 2 1/2 at the time.

Cat or dog person?

Basically a dog person, though I’m not obsessive about the matter. I like cats well enough and have had a lot of them in my lifetime. My first pet was a cat named Blackie who ended up getting shmucked on the highway after I’d had him for about two years. My last cat was Griffin who lasted a bit longer than Blackie, since he was 20 when he died. He was wonderful and he is the one under the Christmas tree in my earlier blog. But, dogs rule, especially in terms of the intensity of their friendship. I have had two absolutely wonderful dogs in both Murphy (shown in puppyhood above) , and currently in Max.

Best friend?

That’s a difficult question. Friendships change as we age and I do have a couple of friends who go back many decades and whom I cherish greatly, even though I rarely see them. And I had another very close friend who died terribly prematurely in an accident. In fact, I have had two close friends die in my lifetime. You don’t really get over that. I don’t discriminate gender wise in my friendships. I have a number of valued female friends – not lovers, just friends – and my current best friend, and has been for about 30 years, is female. She was my Best babe when I married Wendy.

Best trait?

I have a very good sense of humor. I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh. I am also as irreverent as hell and don’t buy into sacred cows very much. I am compassionate and I’m caring. I used to do a lot of advocacy writing, and I am also (and this isn’t bragging) a good counselor because I have a lot of empathy, having been down a few rocky roads myself. Oh, and when I love, I love deeply. Not always a good thing.

Worst trait?

Too self-involved and sometimes hypercritical and intolerant of the views of others, especially when I deem their views to be ill-informed. And I can be grouchy as hell.

Religious faith?

I have no church-connected religious faith. Church services bore me senseless and I have never understood why some dude in a backwards collar is believed to know more about God than do I. I do have my own spirituality and I am comfortable with that; or at least as comfortable as a person who is uncomfortable with anything metaphysical can be.


What clothing makes you feel good?

I’m pretty casual for the most part, these days. But, I love dressing up and I am especially in heaven when I get to wear a tux. All men look well in tuxes, just like all brides are gorgeous.

Signature look?

Ideally the weather is wonderful and its shorts and a T-shirt. If it’s cooler, then jeans and a sweatshirt.

Politician or leader?

Easy for me. I essentially loathe them all. I’d be an anarchist if I believed for a moment that anarchists would make the system right. But how could that happen since anarchists don’t believe in any system? I always vote but am markedly cynical about the whole lot of them.

Biggest regret?

Having gotten married too young the first time around and not having gotten to know all the wonderful women out there. It causes difficulties if one meets wonderful woman after one is married. And, I’d like to have traveled more, been braver about my choices in life, and to have never, ever started smoking.

Last got drunk?

In June of 1997. Haven’t had a drink since.

High maintenance?

Yeah – sometimes.

Backpacker or designer suitcases?

Just plain old wheelie cases. They work for me.

City or country living?

I live in suburbia, but I once fancied I’d like to own a farm. Now, not so much. I like my amenities, I do.

Phone or text?

E-,mail. I hate phones.

Won the lottery what would you do?

I would decide how much I would need to live the rest of my life in relative comfort and to do the traveling I’d want to, and then I’d give the rest away. To children of the world, if possible.


6 responses to “Like Popeye I yam what I yam, so here’s a brief glimpse of who I yam

  1. Sound like a nice person! Glad to know ya! You did leave something off…you are creative in your writing. I find it entertaining.

  2. Nice to get to know you a little bit more. 🙂

  3. Just catching up with everyone and have only seen now that you did use this meme after all. So glad – it’s great to know more about you. Although I feel I already know you from your fabulous posts….and I like what I know !

  4. And I like what I know about you, so it’s all fair. Happy to see you back.

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