So here is a toast to all the floozies of the world — God love ’em



Floozy as defined by Urban Dictionary – “A woman of questionable sexual morals or a Promiscuous Female”. A floozy does not operate as a traditional respectable female. A floozy is born with their hormonal clock slightly imbalanced and there for is shifted in the seasonal hormonal space time configuration.

You hardly ever hear of floozies these days. That time-honored reference seems to have been replaced by such disagreeable terms as ‘slut’ or ‘slag’. Nasty in their intonations. But floozy kind of trips off the tongue in a silky manner.

floozzuesFloozies, to me, were also ‘blowsy’. Another age-old reference to a woman who showed off her mammalian attributes to the full-advantage of the onlooker. Was a floozy a prostitute? Not necessarily so. She was often a bit promiscuous or, in other words of the era, a ‘good-time girl.’

Etymologically speaking the term floozy originated near the turn of the 20th century from the word ‘flossy’. That’s kind of nice. Has suggestions of softness.

The point of this exercise, however, is not to extoll floozies, as loveable as they might be but to look at the judgments to be found within certain terms and the most egregious judgments are invariably found in references to females.

Men get off easy in this regard. A man who is generous with his charms is perhaps deemed a ‘tomcat’ or possibly even a ‘horndog’ but nothing much more comes to mind. Furthermore, the terms suggested aren’t terribly damaging or demeaning. In fact, for some dudes they are sources of either pride in the person so named, or envy by the person doing the naming.

But, if a woman is called the aforementioned floozy – or slut, or roundheels, or bimbo or any one of a dozen other references to her perceived sexuality, there is judgment galore by both sexes. I think of a reference that has been made to men who get a lot of ‘action’, and that is “he gets more pussy than Sinatra”, with the assumption that Frankie was cocksman par excellence and that was to be admired.

On the other hand, Marilyn Monroe for example who was, according to legend, pretty easy with her favors, ended up being deemed wanton and was ultimately victrimized by sexual rubbish like the aforementioned Sinatra, not to mention the Kennedy boys.

So, at the end of it, and in a call to not be so damning, I am suggesting the reinstatement of the fine old word ‘floozy’ but only if it’s uttered as a term of admiration, not disrespect.


7 responses to “So here is a toast to all the floozies of the world — God love ’em

  1. There’s that goose and gander dichotomy again. And it harkens back to a time when women/girls had little say in control of their own lives, their own sexuality, and their choices in bearing or not bearing children. Men needed to -own- women, and all products thereof. A man needed to -know- that the child birthed by his wife/concubine/etc. was genetically his. If -he- wanted to have a little sum-sum on the side, it didn’t matter to anyone except where his ego was involved; in some societies, if that extra woman or three had a child that might be his, he gave it to his -wife- to raise. The wife -had- to be loyal; the husband, not so much. We still have some primary mental adjustments to make… but to which direction?

  2. And that was indeed what I was trying to say, dear Linda, and you covered the ground so impressively. Thank you for this response. It’s perfect.

  3. I like the sound of the word “floozy”, regardless of its connotations. Another word I like that’s in the same vein is “wench”. I have often thought that I wouldn’t mind being referred to as a “wench” – but in a good way, of course!

  4. Wench is a wonderful word. And I would only refer to you as such in a ‘good’ way, my dear.

  5. The double standard is a live and well:A woman has grey hair, she’s old, a man is distinguished. A woman loses her shit, she’s a bitch, a man is assertive. I won’t go on, it’s too depressing.

  6. If it helps, Lil, I agree with you 100%. We have a long way to go before a genuine sense of equality comes into play in society.

  7. Now I wonder what term would best suit Mae West?? As a kid I always found Betty Boop to personify an “innocent” but colorful woman!

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