Wait a minute, now. Does this mean I’m somehow missing out on something?

ameican idol

Sometimes I wonder if I’m losing my marbles, and other times I wonder if I don’t give a damn, and I finally console myself by telling myself that I am a man of such impeccable taste that the seeming interests of other mortals are meaningless to me.

Yeah, that third one must be it.

This little thought originated with a conversation I had yesterday with a guy who made reference to something on American Idol. Something he had seen. Which could only lead me to believe he watches AI. Now, this is a very intelligent chap, widely read and infinitely articulate. But, I also thought, he has had a long and successful career in the music industry so perhaps it all makes sense. Consequently, I passed no judgment. It is populated by Harry Connick, whom I like, and J-Lo with a caboose that agreeably just won’t quit (I think she acts and sings a bit, too) and a third person whom I think is Mr. Nicole Kidman.

I do confess though, that I have never watched AI. Does this mean, due to my friend’s comments, that I might just give it a shot? Not a snowball’s chance in hell.

olearySomebody made a snide reference on FB as to how Kevin O’Leary should be fired by the CBC. I agreed since he is such an insufferable arrogant asshole. Have I ever watched his Dragon’s Den thingy?

Nope, because I have zero tolerance for arrogant assholes. They remind me of high school jocks, a group for whom I also have zero tolerance but have virtually no contact with any more – except in far too many walks of life that somehow impinge on mine.

But, that got me thinking. One of the virtues of living in a free society is that we have the right to make choices. Choices as to what to watch, what music to listen to, what books to read, who to have an intimate life with, who to vote for (though less choice in that category since pols seem to be cut from the same bolt of cloth.).

And I could easily make a list of all the TV programs, for example, that I have either never watched or if I have watched them (once maybe) subsequently vowed to never revisit. That would be like, in the old days, I think I only watched either the Beverly Hillbillies and Gilligan’s Island maybe once and even that was too much. I mean those were cornball TV shows so braindead that they made the films of Adam Sandler look funny, which is, of course impossible since he is the unfunniest man ever born. He makes the late Red Skelton sound like Socrates.

Latterly there has been all sorts of critical esteem heaped in the direction of the sitcom Community. And when it was threatened with cancellation there were viewers soiling their knickers all over the place. I don’t get it. I watched it a few times. I mainly found it vapid and cliched and hardly comedy of a high order. I mean, I like Joel McHale and I think his other series, The Soup is a delightfully irreverent piece of satire in the vein of Chelsea Lately, and I think Chelsea Handler is the smartest, wittiest, sexiest woman on TV. But, Community? No thanks. I’ll pass.

What other shows did I never watch? This doesn’t mean they were bad, I just never watched them. I’m sorry and I know Breaking Bad evokes orgasms in some. Yet, and maybe because I’ve worked in the addictions field, I don’t find the saga of a meth cook to be an entertainment. I think he should have been shot, regardless of his motivations for being there. I watched once. I found it violent and creepy and I realized I didn’t give a shit what happened to the protagonist.

Dexter likewise. The guy was a fucking sadistic psycho. Why should I find him entertaining. I don’t care if he slew people on behalf of the righteous, I don’t want the bastard living in my neighborhood. Yet, people loved the show. People I love and respect loved the show.

Sorry, but I’ll stick with The Good Wife and NCIS. They’re easier to handle and I don’t need to suspend my moral judgment to deal with them.

I’ve just looked at a few TV offerings and haven’t even gotten to films or music. As for films, God invented the DVD for good reasons so that I don’t need to go to a noisy cinema, and as for music, other than Adele and Amy Winehouse there hasn’t been much to write home about since 1978,





9 responses to “Wait a minute, now. Does this mean I’m somehow missing out on something?

  1. Sometimes I think that you and I (even though you are SO much older than me ;D ) lived during the golden age of music and TV, because those things just seem so stupid now. And sometimes I think that we are just bloody OLD. Regardless, I have thoroughly enjoyed “Homeland” and “House of Cards” on TV, and am rather partial to Lorde in the music realm these days. Maybe all hope is not lost?

  2. Well, I’d have to be older because you’re my baby sister. But we’re not old, hon’. As for House of Cards, which I would watch, I watched the original and excellent BBC version a few years ago, and I’d watch the new one if we got HBO. All hope is not lost.

  3. I don’t have HBO, I just download “House of Cards” off the intarnets, hook it up to my TV, and watch it when I feel like it. Hope that’s not illegal …

  4. Now I am wondering if you ever watched ELEMENTARY or PERCEPTION or GAME OF THRONES? Someone I know really enjoys those shows (okay, me).

    • So there’s your answer, Ms. Pinklea. And Jazz, my dear, chacun a son gout. I love you still regardless of what your tastes in entertainment are. I probably have some that you detest. I love watching ‘Cops’ for example because it makes me feel better about myself.

  5. I don’t know if you’ll ever talk to me again, but I loved Dexter and Breaking Bad. I even have a Heisenberg coffee mug – not that you’d get the reference :-). That creepiness of which you speak? One of the best aspects for me.

    And (gasp!) I love Survivor. I find it endlessly fascinating.

    Please don’t hate me because of my lowbrow tastes. 😉

  6. PS: @ Pinklea: Yep, it’s illegal, or at the very least dark grey on a white to black scale. This said, I download all the time so cab be morally reprehensible together.

  7. So there’s your answer, Ms. Pinklea. And Jazz, my dear, chacun a son gout. I love you still regardless of what your tastes in entertainment are. I probably have some that you detest. I love watching ‘Cops’ for example because it makes me feel better about myself.

  8. I must confess, Rose, I have not seen any of the ones you mentioned.

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