Please, Lord, say this dreadful nuptial news cannot be true


You will have to excuse me today if I seem a bit dispirited. You see I am in something of a state of mourning.

I don’t know if you heard the ghastly news but it seems that The Captain and Tennille are splitsville.

Apparently love was insufficient to keep them together. Or, perhaps it was a matter of age and the Captain (AKA Daryl Dragon) was unable to do that to her one more time.

Anyway, as the Everlys sang, when there were still two of them, “So sad to watch good love go bad.”

capnThe Captain and the luscious Toni Tennille (luscious in my mind, anyway, I thought she was amazingly hot). But, hell, it was 1975 and I was much younger then and virtually all females seemed hot and thank God Deborah Harry hadn’t yet come along.

But, Tennille was a very pretty girl with an infectious upbeat manner and the song was innocent and sweet and they were a young married couple who seemed besotted with each other. Their relationship (or apparent relationship) seemed to be ideal.

And while Toni was hot Daryl was kind of deadpan and always sported that dorky captain’s hat and that was to disguise the fact he was bald. Toni was also extremely chipper. It would probably prove to be irritating as hell for somebody to seem so upbeat all the damn time. Come on, Toni. Didn’t you ever get pissed off? Who knows, maybe she was an absolute raging bitch when she wasn’t performing.

I am not about to speculate over what drove them apart but she is reported as having said the state of their marriage (of 38 years duration, I might add) was “irreparable”. Wow. That’s heavy duty. I don’t know how many of my wives have said that about our assorted relationships. Yeah, likely all of them except the current one. At least I hope the current one isn’t going around saying that to all and sundry.

But of course if you are in show biz it’s essential to launder your soiled knickers in public. Them’s the rules.

Something else struck me when I read the item yesterday, and that was surprise.

You see, it had been so long since I’d heard anything about them I didn’t realize they were still alive.


7 responses to “Please, Lord, say this dreadful nuptial news cannot be true

  1. So “love, love will keep us together” isn’t necessarily true, huh?

  2. I was surprised, too, for the same reason. They simply hadn’t crossed my consciousness for a great many years. It’s hard to wonder what could be irreparable after so long, though. It’s not like one of them suddenly realized that the other was not his/her type.

  3. Who can know? My first wife and I divorced after 25 years of marriage because it had simply run its course and neither of us was happy any more. Yet it was still painfully sad, and still is to a degree.

  4. To Miss Pinklea: Love will ‘not’ necessarily keep us together. I never ceased loving either of my ex wives, but there were other issues that drove us apart. If only it were as simple as just ‘love.’

  5. Huh? And here I thought they were probably dead. Actually, it never even crossed my mind that they were actually together.

  6. I don’t think people celebrate the differences and allow distance in their togetherness. No couple should do everything together.
    It is sad that they could not work on their relationship and enjoy their latter years.

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