Now I guess I truly am going to Hell. Oh, well …


One of the countless problems I have always had with organized religion (aside from its history, excesses, abuses, destruction of indigenous cultures, etc.etc) is that I have never accepted that some guy (or girl, in modern context since churches – except the Catholic version – now seem to accept that people with non-male genitals can be godly) knows one lick more about God than I do and therefore I somehow need him/her to interpret the holy mythology for me.

Oh that and the paying no taxes thing.

But, it’s not my place here to disparage what gives solace to others, nor to decry the concept of belief in something that cannot be defined by human logic. If listening to the ramblings of a person in a backward collar works for you, then I think that is wonderful – for you. I also thing that the great cathedrals of Europe are awe-inspiring and it’s amazing what a lot of backbreaking serf labor can bring about.

preachAnd I have been in churches and cathedrals and admire the hell out of a good stained glass window. I have also, in times of despair, been known to pray. But I don’t need any perceivedly more godly person to do that for me. I can handle it quite nicely myself, thenk-you. My relationship with God, be it a William Blake inspired image, or whatever else of any sex He/She/It might be is entirely personal. “So, how’s it going, eh? I’m having this problem right now. Can you lend a hand? I mean, it’s not as if you have anything else much to do, right?”

Oh, and some church music is very cool. Give me a good choir and a huge mother pipe organ and I can be inspired to exclaim: “I believe. Praise the Lord, I believe.”

I kind of think that’s what the musical offerings are designed to do. Sort of a celestial mood-music, if you will. 

But, it’s not all about decrying religion and now that I have offended hell out of the more pious amongst you, I am similar about certain aphorisms of the sort that are posted regularly right here on Facebook. Again it is somebody thinking a few brief words will straighten you out and put your world to rights if only you follow some outsider’s wisdom.

Not a bad premise in itself in that we all tend to get immersed in stinkin’ thinkin’ at times and sometimes apt words can work.

The essential fly in that ointment, however, is that words are just words and it’s only when acted upon they have much value.

I do, however, have one little credo I believe in because it covers all the ground anything needs to cover. If you are struggling with your life and need to evoke a change, then heed the very simple words of a guy named Earnie Larsen:

If nothing changes, nothing changes.”

That’s pretty much all you need to know. That and the acronym KISS.




9 responses to “Now I guess I truly am going to Hell. Oh, well …

  1. Organized religion is such a crock. However I won’t get onto my soapbox here, cuz as you say, if it floats your boat, more power to you. However, nothing anyone has said has ever managed to make me believe in any sort of divine power. As for your little credo, indeed. There’s no arguing with it.

  2. Oh, and PS: I’m sure we’ll have loads of fun together in hell­.

  3. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions. If we all believed the same, this world would be very boring! Some people who had claimed “faithfulness” for a long time can suddenly lose faith when things change and do not go as they had felt. I guess they felt a sense of entitlement.
    I love my church as our pastor looks at things in a different way and makes us look at things in more depth and thought. He often will say to not take things verbatim. The Bible stories are often just examples and can be looked at in many ways. In sermons he will say “but what if He was saying something else.” Then he gives several view points, expecting us to find what it says to us, not accept one persons interpretation.

  4. I am not a zealous church goer. However, I have often found solace in being part of a prayerful gathering. Like you, my relationship with God in the here and now is personal. In the after-life, I hope to be part of that group sitting at the equivalent of the cool lunch room table

    • And I would very much like your company at the cool table and we could swap our bits of wisdom. Ideally I’d like to visit you in Belize before that time.

  5. There’s a reason I’m a solitary witch. As one, however, people are often shocked when my response to “Jesus Saves!” is “Yes, he does.” What I leave unspoken is “…just not me.” 😉

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