So, what’s stashed in your drawers? I’m dying to find out


Every household of my experience has one. No, I’m not talking about a toilet or television (interchangeable at times). What I’m talking about is a ‘junk drawer’.

I defy you to tell me, unless you live in a yurt or tipi that you don’t have one. How can you not have one? Where do you stow your crap if you don’t. By crap I don’t mean ‘big’ crap; that goes in the garage or basement. I mean little items that may or may not be of any intrinsic value to the smooth running of the household.

Junk drawers are ubiquitous. Even those of us who are not hoarders still acquire stuff that is not of huge value but “might come in handy someday”. Stuff that won’t be chucked because of our fear that just when we need it we’ve gone and turfed it out on the premise of: “Why are we keeping that bit of junk?”

hoardI’m generally a tidy enough person – tidy enough for me, at least – and sometimes there are items that just need to be stowed. That’s where the junk drawer comes in.

This issue has arisen because we are going to be embarking on a major kitchen makeover later this spring. We now have the drawings in our hot little hands and there will be many new cupboards and drawers and it’ll all look great and it damn well should because it’s going to cost a bit.

But,” I said to Wendy as I perused the renderings, “Which drawer will be designated for junk?”

I was hoping we wouldn’t have one,” she replied.

Do you think that’s realistic? At least half of the stuff in the current drawer are items you’ve stowed there.”

She conceded that it wasn’t realistic, but that maybe the new one could be kept neater. I asked again if she thought that stipulation was realistic. And again she bowed to the realities of human nature.

As it is, we haven’t earmarked our new crap drawer but usually such drawers have a way of suggesting themselves.

So, what manner of stuff is in our current one?

We have: a barbecue lighter, some plant tie tape, a tape-measure, assorted keys unidentified, 3 multi-outlet electrical plug-ins, masking tape, electrician’s tape, a piece of venetian blind, random screwdrivers, an X-acto knife, ballpoint pens, felt pens, weed whacker line (2 gauges). Plumbers’ adhesive (tube thereof), something called ‘Tangle foot Paste’, evidently made to keep insects away from fruit trees, a north coast native carving of a Thunderbird, assorted bag clips, and so on and so on.

OK, I’ve let you into my drawers; feel free to let me into yours.


10 responses to “So, what’s stashed in your drawers? I’m dying to find out

  1. You’ll just lose respect for me if I do. 🙂

  2. OK. Be that way. You can’t blame me for trying.

  3. Assorted sizes of batteries, empty Altoid tins, masking tape, MacGyver tape, Bic lighters, magnetic hooks, flashlights, ball of twine, small lengths of twine, keys , empty key rings, multi-colored pencil erasers, metal shelf supports, ear plugs, brass towel hook, metal bead pull chain, electrical plug, undeveloped disposable camera, rubber coasters to put under chair legs to prevent floor scratches, carabineer.

  4. Ahh, the junk drawer. I believe they date back to prehistoric times! Everyone I know has one. I have the usual pens, markers, tape, paperclips, lighter, glue, sealing tape for packages, super glue, coasters for under furniture, labels, tacks, balloons, birthday candles, post it notes, odd keys, calculator, batteries, and some items that I have no idea what they are!

  5. I have some of the stuff others have mentioned such as furniture coasters and batteries, but I use mine all the time. Stuff from the drawer, I mean. And my Altoid tins contain things I use and are labled. I took a pic of mine without touching anything and am going to start a facebook dare. What a great thought, Ian.

  6. I have everything but the kitchen sink in there… scissors, tape, twine, chopsticks, thingies to close plastic bags, paper napkins, an oyster knife, and that’s just what I remember. We have 4 drawers in the kitchen. The junk drawer is the third from the top.

    • We keep our chopsticks in the cutlery drawer. I forgot to mention that I also have a switchblade that I confiscated from a bad dude when I was running a rehab. Now, how many people can say that?

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