Just a bit of a Saturday potpourri of dirty politics and too damn much sugar


I see sugar is going to kill us now. A few weeks ago it was salt. Smoking has been going to kill us for years now as has booze and they constantly work diligently and there is a doctoral thesis there proving that caffeine is a slow route to death – or maybe a quick one. Word to the wise for all those medical researchers, life will kill you.

The foregoing are just a few random thoughts randomly rambling about in my random brain. Wait, I have more and I shall share them with you.

– My wife, whom I love dearly, does not have a process that calls for quick decisions. She can take a half=hour’s menu perusal just to decide what she wants for lunch. Don’t ask her if she wants fries with that or she can take a further quarter of an hour tossing up between fries and onion rings and then ultimately opting for a salad because, going back to point #1, fries and onion rings can kill you. Salad hardly ever does.

Anyway, we are in the process of doing a reno on our kitchen for just a few dollars less than the Taj Mahal’s pricetag, or so the figures seem to indicate. We have picked out floor tiles after a whole lot of perusal, and even cabinet styles. But counter tops have been another matter. We have been to the counter place at least three times; spent the better part of a morning going over samples, picking out stuff, rejecting stuff, shaking our heads at stuff, nodding approvingly at stuff. I’m being generous here, it is mainly Wendy doing this process. I found myself a comfortable chair and have learned to detach myself. But then we bring them home because she has three samples that she thinks are the best ever. She thinks that until she gets them home and thereupon she decides that she unequivocally dislikes them and so we must go back to the counter place again. I keep reminding her I am older than she is and don’t want to squander my remaining years with too much heedlessness.

– Was Jenny Kwan covering her pretty ass (and she does have a pretty ass, I once saw it, albeit draped, in the corridors of the Legislature place) when she did her big mea culpa re her ex old-man ripping of the Portland Society for vacation bucks? But she’s sorry. She didn’t know. I think I’ll tell Wendy I am going to take her to Hawaii tomorrow. Know what? She’d ask how we’re paying for it. So, when ex-hubby said, “Jenny, baby, we’re off to Disneyland and then Europe next week,” Jenny didn’t ask where he found the loot. Well, she is a politician, maybe they don’t bother about such things. I repeat, ass-covering. She also reflected the most fatal of the fatal flaws of non-profits, accountability. I know, I’ve seen that sort of behavior and I could tell a few tales that might evoke at least a ‘tsk’ in some quarters.

alison and krustySpeaking of female pols (and we were), do you think Redford would have been hounded from office if she had been male? I don’t know much about Alberta politics but it strikes me that they let pisstank ole Ralph Klein get away with some pretty Rob Fordish stuff in his day without making life in the sanctified chamber too grim for him. Was it just that the good-old boys in the stetsons thought she was kind of an uptight beeyotch? I mean, she wasn’t known for being warm and cuddly like our Christy is. That last comment was made in irreverent jest.

And while we are on the topic of irreverence, I read the opinion of an editorial writer who seemed to suggest we were being much too familiar for calling our preem ‘Christy’ rather than her full name. I guess we should contact London and see how old ‘Gordo’ feels about such disrespect, while we’re on the topic of folks who weren’t hounded from office.

And that’s all I’ve got today, folks.


2 responses to “Just a bit of a Saturday potpourri of dirty politics and too damn much sugar

  1. So, has the counter dilemma been resolved? Do tell!

  2. I think, hope and even pray that it has.

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