Sometimes as life goes on certain things lose their charm

pop truck

Call it, according to your geography ‘soda’, ‘pop’, ‘soda pop’ or just plain fizzy drink, or if you’re a tippler, ‘mixer’, and I also understand that in the Deep South soda pop, regardless of type, goes by the generic ‘Coke’. So you can indeed order an Orange Coke.

What that convoluted lead is in aid of the reality that became apparent lately is that I don’t really like the stuff very much, and never yearn for it if other potables are available. It’s been like that for a while now. I think I am looking forward to a nice, ice-cold can or bottle of something cola-ish and then when I begin to drink it I don’t find it appeals so much.

Maybe it’s something to do with age. You know, like being completely unfamiliar with the oeuvre of Justin Bieber, a detestation of the whole vampire genre in films and on TV, or not being instantly ‘ready’ when an opportunity arises. Take that last reference advisedly.

Actually, I think it has everything to do with age. When I was very young I loved the stuff. Mainly, I suspect, because we kids didn’t get it very often. A dearth of anything always makes it more appealing. And I did have my favorites. I liked Orange Crush, but only in the traditional bumpy bottle (I have one such bottle), Coca-Cola, of course, and a very long ago orange soda called ‘Whistle’. Hard to find in the old days. Impossible to find now. And I confess to a certain passion for Creme Soda.

richardAnd there are labels that have gone the way of the DeSoto or Packard automobiles. There used to be Kik Cola, Gurd’s Ginger Ale, Felix (as in the cat) Ginger Ale, Lime Rickey, Grapefruit Crush, and Orange Nehi.

But, as I say, I lost my taste for the stuff, except on rare occasions, quite some time ago, and I am always amazed at adults who consume huge quantities. I worked with a woman who used to consume 10 or more cans of diet cola every day at work. She’s dead now. I don’t think there is a connection.

When the Castro government took control in Cuba the Cubans were faced with a problem. They were the greatest per capita consumers of Coca Cola on the planet. Then, as all US ties to the place ceased, Coke, of course, pulled out. So, the government set its loyal comrades to work to find a good facsimile to the ‘real thing’ and, according to all accounts, they succeeded. Where there’s a doctrinaire will, there’s a way, I suppose. And you could scarcely have a ‘Cuba Libre’ without some sort of cola.

But, I’d still rather have a coffee.


7 responses to “Sometimes as life goes on certain things lose their charm

  1. I am not a coffee drinker and never could warm up to it. I also am not a wine lover, or have interest in any alcohol. I do enjoy lemonade though too much causes sores in my mouth due to the citric acid. I thoroughly enjoy various teas. I also like apple juices. And I will confess that I like sodas, root beers being a favorite.

  2. Actually, I was forgetting. I still like root beer, especially in a frosty A&W mug.

  3. Where I grew up in the south, we called them “soft drinks.” I still call them soft drinks. I was drinking one diet cherry 7-up every morning until all the studies came out about diet soft drinks – all bad. Now I have a seltzer water with a natural juice flavor (just a hint) every morning, or a plain seltzer water. I just like the fizz more than the flavor. As for coffee, I only drink my “six o’clock mocha” (the bottled variety) every day some time between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m.
    I have to refute your theory about soft drinks being desired because they were unavailable. I was a soft drink freak as a child and had unlimited access. We had a charge account at the country store across the street, and Dad always had Pepsi in the house. I believe they really tasted better back then. It’s probably the real sugar they used instead of today’s corn syrup.

    • I think they did taste better, but we did not have unlimited access, it was a special treat for us. I too like the fizz more than the flavor and like just plain soda water, too.

  4. i’d forgotten about Whistle. 🙂

    MrWriteOn, i agree about a nice frosty root beer on a hot summer day. Yum!

  5. It’s soda. Or soft drink. Never ever pop. I find I’m liking them less and less myself. But if I’m going to drink it, I want the real thing. I loathe diet soda. That after taste is repulsive.

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