Do whatever it is you do to mark your Good Friday and I shall do likewise.


I am always at a loose-end on Good Friday.

Never quite know what to do with a holiday that marks a dismal anniversary. You know, it’s all about the crucifixion and the agonies of Christ and how human beings can be a bunch of bastards when some dude departs from accepted practices. In truth, crucifixion or not, we don’t seem to have lost that impulse.

Kill the messenger who tells us stuff that departs from the acceptable. Christ certainly filled that bill. Nothing but a troublemaker who didn’t necessarily subscribe to the theory of rendering unto Caesar. So they kilt him is what they done, and that was what Good Friday was invented for. That, and an extra day off.

Now, I am not a particularly spiritual person in the conventional church sense of the matter, but once in a while I paid attention in the Sunday school classes I was compelled to attend, probably so Mom and Dad could have a Sunday lie-in and I don’t want to speculate on what was involved with that.

So, the way the thing works is that Easter is the 2nd day of the whole Easter ritual. First is Maundy Thursday, which is the day of the Last Supper and Judas’s betrayal; second comes Good Friday which is the day of the Crucifixion, Gesthemane, Golgotha and “Give us Barabus,” and all that stuff; then comes Easter Saturday which is the interim between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, and that Resurrection (the point of the exercise from a religious point-of-view) comes on Sunday. Convenient they did it on the Christian sabbath. How did they know? Finally comes Easter Monday, which is designated as yet another day off for public sector union members and denied to all other sloggers who must perforce be more sinful becuase they don’t seem to deserve that extra day of rest. Sucks, that does.

bunneezNow, it has come to pass that Easter essentially means chocolate eggs, baskets, chicks, bunnies and all sorts of other commercial crap brought to us by the same pagans who brought us Christmas trees to defile that other erstwhile sacred time of year.

In any case, today is good Friday and my mother always maintained it was apt that it should rain and be dreary on GF to mark the desolation Christians everywhere are supposed to feel for having messed up yet again.

Well, one can quibble with that. For one thing, there weren’t any Christians yet, and secondly it was the Romans and Pharisees who were largely the villains in the matter. And in my case, I certainly wasn’t there at the time, though I might have raised an objection had I been.

Now, if I don’t catch you Sunday, have a Happy Easter everyone, and I hope you are having a Good Friday that is whatever meaning it has for you. Eat some unleavened bread, maybe.

Hope I’m not going to hell for this. I tried to be respectful of everybody’s belief system. About matters clerical I always hold to the opinion that states: Hey, I could be wrong.


4 responses to “Do whatever it is you do to mark your Good Friday and I shall do likewise.

  1. I have never heard of Easter Monday in all my 62 years!
    I use “Good Friday” (which was just a day picked to represent, the exact day being not really known) to remember how much Jesus went through for us, and he never lost his temper or cursed or gave in to demands to save himself. I know I could not do that. He was brave and that impresses me. Many would say, “Okay, okay, whatever you say. I give up. I am wrong.”
    I could never endure what he did. It also gives me time to ponder my life and what I can do for others to better myself.

  2. Here in the tropics, we celebrate Easter Monday as a public and bank holday for all and sundry. The whole country shuts down and enjoys the day off. Thanks for sharing what the Good Friday means to you Ian. Ours is spent quietly, no meat allowed and in observance of the solemness of the day.

  3. Heathen that I am, for me Easter is just an excuse for a long weekend. And about bloody time too!

  4. Largely the same for me, except I love chocolate and it gives me an excuse. An irreverent friend once said the ideal Easter gift is a chocolate covered crucifix. It covers heathens and the devout.

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