Maybe selfies are self-indulgent but I believe they have a purpose


Somewhere in the files of officialdom in this realm there is a headshot of me – face-on and profile. I won’t tell you the circumstances of that episode, but let us just say it was long ago and far away and for that I thank whatever gods may be.

So a recent manifestation of human vanity has been the so-called ‘selfie’. You know, that camera-phone – and I cannot help but wonder if Facebook had not been invented would any of us bother with selfies. What’s the point of presenting your face if others aren’t going to see it?

I’ll confess I have tried a few times to create a selfie, but I have ended up with the appearance of looking through a fishbowl. Not only that but I oddly end up looking at least 20 years older than the image of me that I have in my personal mythology. Twenty years younger, rivetingly handsome, and with a certain mysterious something about my appearance that cannot help but entrance members of the opposite sex.

Oh yeah, I am also a bit on the vain side, so I understand the motivation to produce selfies. Not saying that everybody who does so is suffering from vanity, but there is nothing wrong with vanity per se, Well, I like to call it pride-in-appearance, or ‘still workin’.

DSCN0416I did try to take a couple of selfies for this screed but I honestly disliked them so I opted to run one of Max, who is much more handsome and lovable looking. It’s not really a selfie as such; I helped. You know, he has that old lack of opposable thumbs impediment so he cannot operate a camera worth a damn.

But, all things considered, I do like the fact that it’s a trend that has become popular – especially on Facebook. I do like to see my ‘friends’ including some that I have never met but would like to.

I would like to meet them because I believe one can tell a great deal about another from his or her face. Does it sit agreeably? Then that becomes a first step in interacting with an individual. I’m not talking about sexual attraction as such, but human attraction. We judge one another by appearances. It has ever been thus. The only element missing in the selfie is the personality, but that then has to be judged by words, likes, dislikes and you will probably find you have ‘friended’ people based not only on their appearance but on attitudes that sit well with you.

Oh, and sense of humor. That is a vital element

Interesting in that this blog was initially intended to be a bit of smart-ass cynicism, but it turned out quite the other way as I pondered all aspects of the selfie.


6 responses to “Maybe selfies are self-indulgent but I believe they have a purpose

  1. Love the star-shaped sideburns. I know it was a picture taken for fun since legal ones do not allow wearing of hats! I also have an image of myself in my minds eye from when I was 23, and so I am unrealistic as am now approaching 62. I do not do selfies. I prefer to avoid taking photos of myself!

  2. I have to ask, what is with all the strange fonts lately?
    Tux in Alberta

  3. Just fooling around with different fonts. Nothing more profound than that.

  4. I’ve tried taking a few selfies now and then. They’re pretty much always deleted in VERY short order. Ugh.

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