We’re havin’ a heatwave; a tropical heatwave — and I don’t mind one little bit

hot day

Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

The Japanese don’t care to, the Chinese wouldn’t dare to, Hindus and Argentines sleep firmly from twelve to one,

But Englishmen detest a siesta,

In the Philippines there are lovely screens, to protect you from the glare,

In the Malay states there are hats like plates, which the Britishers won’t wear,

At twelve noon the natives swoon, and no further work is done –

But Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

I showered this morning, dried myself off and then donned my favorite outfit – underpants, shorts and tee-shirt. Nothing more. When I need to go out somewhere I will be shod with either sandals or flip-flops.

I am wearing my default Hawaiian getup and sometimes, if we’re very lucky, have said our prayers and eaten our vegetables, we get a Hawaiian summer right here on the coast of BC. This happens to be one of those years – or so it seems thus far.

Of course it took only about two days of agreeable clemency – temps from the mid-20s to about 30 celsius – or between 85 and 90 in good old and still missed by reactionary me, fahrenheit. A little more than warmish but not Sonoran Desert hot, for heaven’s sake – for the whining and wailing to begin in some quarters.

It’s toooooooooo hot.”

I don’t like this kind of heat.”

Now we’re going to have forest fires.”

We really could use some rain.”

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Fer crissake. Get over yourselves. This is a climate that is for about nine months of the year grey and suicide-beckoning damp and dreary. Oh, and sometimes windy. Rarely snowy, but that’d actually be preferable to incessant dreariness. Frankly, I detest our default weather, and I am not ashamed to say so.

All I must say is that those who do the griping have obviously never been anywhere really hot – either to the desert or the tropics. I have and I love it. I mean, yes, you need relief from it, and AC is a kind of blessing in those climates, but I rarely find it oppressive. I am not one of Noel Coward’s ‘mad dogs’, nor am I an Englishman for that matter.

So I shall happily live with this and when it gets a bit intolerable mid-day I exit for the beach. That works nicely and again it’s one of those things. We have had wretched summers in which not one swim invited me in these climes. What a waste of a chunk of a lifetime.

If you don’t like it then seek out air-conditioning, but please don’t bedevil me with complaints. It won’t be around long.


15 responses to “We’re havin’ a heatwave; a tropical heatwave — and I don’t mind one little bit

  1. I live in Oregon (formerly S. Calif) and we are not used to super hot weather over 90!! When it gets that hot it is usually also muggy. That’s like taking a shower, stepping outside and someone pouring a bucket of sweat over you! Me, I moved here as I prefer climes not hotter than 80. I could never be a tropics person. My parents were from Missouri and Illinois, and had a lot of family there after they moved to Calif (dad was stationed here in 50’s and loved that there was no snow) so every summer we would return there to visit and it was oppressively muggy. I did enjoy the fireflies.
    Me, the cool greenery of Oregon is my thing!!
    And every summer when it hikes up to the mid 80’s plus, most Oregonians start moaning and melting and head for the rivers, beaches and lakes!

    • Actually one of the hottest days I ever experienced in a large city was in Portland a few years ago. But generally your climate is pretty much like ours.

  2. Enjoy! We have ten months of heatwave and a six month hurricane season…

  3. Just got back from the desert heat of Vegas and am now thoroughly enjoying the not-quite-so-desert-like heat back home! As you say, it won’t last long in this part of the world, so we shouldn’t complain and we should just appreciate it while it’s here.

  4. Are these the same people who complain it’s wet and grey during the winter? I figure you can complain about one or the other, but not both. I complain bitterly about -30 degree temps, but you’ll never, ever hear me complain about summer weather…

  5. I for one am enjoying the heat. I detest the cold temperatures. I have lived in Montreal where it was hot and muggy much of the summer there, been to the tropics, loved it there as well.

  6. The thing that kills me is how cold the a.c. gets set this time of year. I don’t want to be cold in winter. Why would I want to be cold in summer? Having acclimated to NOLA humidity, it’s always a delight for me to go somewhere dry and hot. Everything I love about summer, and none of the moistness. Realistically, though, I just love my seasons and enjoy something about all of them, from a hot, hot, hot summer to a bitterly cold and snowy winter.

    • Frankly, my dear, I’d rather be hot than cold. Fortunately our winters in this part of Canada aren’t terribly cold. Spring is actually my favorite season.

  7. Why should I not complain to you? Don’t you control these things? 😉

    Alright then, instead of complain I shall regal you with my weather preferences:

    Gray cloudiness!

    That should do it. Thanks!

  8. You should live here, Miss Candace. You’d be right at home with our climate.

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