All of this effort and cost, yet a boiled-egg still tastes like a boiled-egg


If I am ever foolish enough to consider doing a reno on anything housewise ever again I think I’ll go out and commit a major crime just before so they can lock me up for the duration of the project.

But I can now say, after what has seemed like a lifetime, that our kitchen reno project is now complete. A couple of minor elements to be dealt with, but nothing that is taking us away from appreciation of what is in place.

The ‘process’ was sometimes exasperating and it involved us shifting everything from the original cupboards and cabinets to boxes in our increasingly cluttered adjoining dining room, leaving us almost literally unable to find anything we wanted or needed. “Where the $#@ is the *&^% serving spoon?” and similar expressions of discontent were often heard about the place.

Before it began I forewarned Wendy that it might seem like a relatively ‘easy’ process that we were to undertake, but in thinking that she would be wrong. There was not only the mess, and dust and bits of assorted crap, but also the noise, the banging, the power-tools doing what power tools do and she had the blessing of going out to work whilst I was stuck with the noise and mess, but she also got to come home to all the deconstruction changes – to construct in an existing area, you must also deconstruct, as all the old cupboards and cabinets were pulled out.

DSCN0396I forewarned her because I had been through it before with another house in another lifetime, and which my dear wife of the day and I decided it would be cool to knock out a wall and add an EL in which there would be a new master bedroom and a sunken family room. The end result was gorgeous, but such a process that left us wanting to slash our wrist. We were wise at one point, however. When we couldn’t deal with it any longer we split for Hawaii for two weeks.

Anyway, I told Wendy this wasn’t to be as all-encompassing as knocking out a wall to create new rooms, but it would still be taxing and drive us both a bit nuts. It did.

And here’s an odd thing. As much as we had grown to slightly detest the shabbiness of the old kitchen we actually found it a bit of an emotional wrench to watch it be ripped apart. Sort of like the bustup of a marriage in which a person finds himself a few months into the intimate company of a new partner thinking, inexplicably, about the old one. So, we found ourselves, if not pining for, at least feeling that we had rather ‘insulted’ the old kitchen.

While the reconstruction process took a month, it took us much longer to set things into place, which with buying new appliances, ordering a countertop, setting up with a cabinet-maker and contractor our, well, contractor of course who then handled all the sub-trades who traipsed through the place many hours of the day. Being the awful person that I am, I especially liked the drywaller who had his delectable daughter as his assistant. I toyed with the idea of running off and marrying her, so rather stunning was she. That last bit is a complete non-sequitur but I sometimes needed inspiration to enable me to carry on.

I mentioned new appliances. Well, as I have mentioned on FB, the old appliances rebelled at being shucked aside like so much old rubbish. And, while we pondered selling them, they, the range and the fridge, simply decided to quit, and I think electronically muttered screw you, in the process. Hmm, think I could work another marriage breakup into that scenario, too.

Well, it’s done now and we are still new kitchen virgins, finding our way around all that is there. It’s magic time.


6 responses to “All of this effort and cost, yet a boiled-egg still tastes like a boiled-egg

  1. Ooooh! It’s lovely! I like it a lot! Well worth it, I’d say (but then, I didn’t have to live in the mess & noise or pay for it, did I?).

  2. I have been through a few remodels lately and it was so intense! Flooring replaced and other flooring refinished–ugh, what a mess. The results were great but the process…wish I had a magic wand! Sixteen year old carpeting replaced; never knew old that had been cleaned umpteen times, could hold so much dirt, It left dust all over the place!

  3. I love it! Great remodel, totally worth the annoyance I think. But then… wait, this is pretty much the same message as Pink isn’t it? So, what Pink said.

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