Howard and Raj make out at ‘Comic Con’; gimme a break boys and grow up


Me, I liked Little Lulu. Not so much now, but there was a time when Lulu Moppet and I had a thing going on.

luluI liked Lulu and her fat friend Tubby (you could say ‘fat’ in those days with no fear of having offended the calorie challenged), and her little girlfriend Annie with the buckteeth in those golden pre orthodontia days, and the rest of the kids. The comics were funny and entertaining and very innocent. I liked other comic books too in the day. Had over 200 of them. And then my mother got rid of them when I lost interest in my early teens. Tragic, in retrospect, since some of my collectibles would probably render me a millionaire today.

Oh, well. Two of them remain, a Bugs Bunny and a Walt Disney Comics and Stories. Don’t know how they escaped the holocaust.

But my point here is, I outgrew comic books and moved onto other things like sex and rock and roll and ‘real’ books. Gratefully I avoided the ‘drugs’ aspect of that equation. And in that I cannot understand adults who remain obsessed by comic books. Not to eschew the talents of some of the artists and not to suggest that their body-of-work is necessarily uncreative. Some, especially the ‘underground’ artists like Robert Crumb and many others are brilliant and to be much admired. But still, comic art for me doesn’t remain a part of my life.

wally-wood-superduperIn a way this may seem inconsistent for a guy who was a working cartoonist for a period in his life. And that facet of me is something I cannot explain.

When I moved beyond those initial comic books I became an admirer of the works of the Mad artists for a time and a guy like Wally Wood was a marvel. But still, yet, I moved on.

Consequently as offensive as their behavior was, I found myself unsurprised and slightly amused when the Comic Con ‘scandal’ was revealed to the media. Now, I’d like any reason to go to San Diego at any time, but Comic Con would not be one of those reasons. Raj and Howard groping ‘real’ girls. And that was exactly what happened. A huge group of ‘geeks’ who have possibly not interacted a great deal with females found themselves in a venue with a lot of real girls, rather than Stan Lee depictions of nubility No, boys, those are ‘real’ tits and they aren’t free for your groping thereof.

jessicaOf course, the comic book thing is not confined to paper between covers, it is the mainstay of the current movie industry. Consider the bits of cinema that originated as comic art. And you know what, I cannot get serious about any such bit of cinematic inspiration. The films may boast blockbuster stars (and even much admired actors like Robert Downey Jr.) but to me they are still comics and the idea makes my eyes glaze over.

The only movie inspired by comic art that enchanted me was Who Framed Roger Rabbit (“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way”) because it was a brilliant spoof and it did serve to capture some of my childhood whimsy.

Right now I guess I might be inspired equally if somebody creates the Little Lulu Story.


4 responses to “Howard and Raj make out at ‘Comic Con’; gimme a break boys and grow up

  1. Jessica Rabbit is VaVaVoom Arrooooga Hubba Hubba and all those other comic noises.

  2. Ah, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I thought it was a very creative film but definitely for adults! I do not “get” the Comic Con crowd but do know people who go every year!!!

  3. There is a series on Netflix that another friend of mine positively ADORES. We’re both sci fi fans, so she was so very excited for me to watch it and come to love as much as she.


    One of the main characters is a puppet-muppet-talking stuffed animal thing. This is a series for adults that purports to deal with grown up, somewhat sophisticated issues ~ and the captain is a talking stuffed animal. I can’t get past it; I can’t get into it.

    This applies to your post in my brain.

  4. I’m a fan of The Walking Dead comics, but much more of graphic novels like Art Spiegelman’s MAUS, and the work of Guy Deslisle, Joe Sacco (LOVE!), Jason Lute’s Berlin. We’ve moved way beyond Superman…

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