So, according to my journals of the day in my retrospective trip, I had ‘a lot of fun’. Hmm, I wonder

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They broke the ground for the new hospital today,” said Wendy over dinner last evening.

I know that,” I replied. “There was some stuff about it on Facebook.”

Well, I guess I don’t have to tell you any sort of news since ‘everything’ seems to be posted on Facebook.”

Facebook_LogoWendy isn’t a huge fan of FB. She’s on it but she hardly ever pays a call. I suspect it has something to do with her working for a living and finding, as she has said, dicking around on FB during to day to be akin to making a lot of personal calls on the employer’s dime and time.

She has a point and her point was heeded, but FB isn’t really the crux of this blog other than as a peripheral vehicle.

I have been going through an old desk in the garage, sorting through papers and documents and old greeting cards and other items of note in their day just to assess if they are worthy of retaining. Being the sentimentalist that I am it is difficult for me to chuck stuff that once meant enough that I bothered retaining it.

Some items were revelatory in that I indeed did get some missives of high praise for assorted journalistic skills and attainments. Among the cards, a number from my 2nd wife. Gee, she actually did really love me at one time – or so she indicated back then.

diarrheaMost intriguing of all was the fact that I happened upon some diaries I kept going back to when I was 18-years-old. Hmm, despite the fact that my musings are, while not actually illiterate, amazingly uninspiring in terms of style and expression: “Went to a party at John’s (Dan’s, Judy’s or whoever) and it was a lot of fun.” References to something being “a lot of fun” seemed almost a default entry. Guess I must have had a good time. Funny, I don’t remember actually having that much damn fun.

The diaries go on from time I linked up with my first steady – the mysteriously and now disappeared Dee – with whom I again had ‘a lot of fun’, often until 2:30 or 3 am. I don’t think I’ll elaborate on ‘how’ we had so much fun, but trust me, we did. That I do remember clearly. From that time I went on, in subsequent diaries, into my university years and told how I was always ‘behind’ in my studies. But, I did get through and with a decent enough GPA. And then I met the ‘next’ female in my life and I told how madly in love with her I was (and indeed I was) and about our dating life and all that went along with that (though not in detail; I was polite) and the final entry in the final book of the series was my buying her an engagement ring. Well, ultimately, and a long time later, it didn’t turn out so well, but in reading the diaries I harken back to how blissfully romantic it was and how rapturously in love I was.

And then I got back to FB and how at that time such a phenomenon could not have been imagined, even in the minds of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. And now we are so utterly connected with so many aspects of the lives of one another practically down to people’s bowel habits. Sometimes that’s a good thing, other times it’s definitely not a good thing. We know when it is and when it isn’t.

But, I like it just fine and I am glad my life evolved in such a manner that I got to experience the phenomenon. I even have a wonderful ongoing FB connection with somebody I was very sweet on back in those university days, and I cherish that because it gives a continuity to my life.

8 responses to “So, according to my journals of the day in my retrospective trip, I had ‘a lot of fun’. Hmm, I wonder

  1. Now that I am newly 62 years old, I was sorting through old diaries, letters and such and decided that if something ever happened to me, I would not want a nosy someone else to ever read it all. So I spent one evening going through them, laughing, weeping and enjoying those youthful escapades. Then I shredded every one when I finished. They are as they should be–MY fond memories!

  2. I feel the same way as Rose, above. I have a few old journals in my cedar chest, and I don’t really want anybody else reading them when I’m gone, so I guess I need to reread them and shred them myself one of these days. I don’t quite know why I feel this way – it’s not like my life is so fascinating, after all – but there it is.
    That feeling probably has a lot to do with why I’m not on Facebook either. However, it doesn’t explain why I blog. 😉 Guess I’m just a contradictory woman!

    • There is nothing silacious, smutty or very questionable in mine, so I don’t think I need to worry about others reading them. And while I am private, too, they are part of my history.

  3. I found some old letters between my parents in a folder marked
    “travel,” after my mother died. They were interesting to read and brought back both good and not so wonderful memories…

    Perhaps I should not have read them, but then I’d have missed understanding my parents as people in love with each other…That is something I can treasure.

  4. I still have all my diaries starting from when I was 12. They are about the only “sentimental” thing I hold onto. Dunno why – I guess they should meet the shredder soon… As for FB, like Wendy, I’m on it, but I rarely go there – once a month maybe…

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