Wanna see me naked? It’ll cost you.


There has been a great deal of foofrah of late about naked photos of actresses and the like ending up in the public domain so that their junk can be slathered over by perverts here, there and everywhere. One who seems very upset is the actress Jennifer Lawrence (I know I should know who she is, but I got lost back with Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren and Michele Pfieffer.)

A couple of things struck me about all of this. The first one is if you are male and past puberty and remain in doubt about what girly parts look like, well, you need to get out more. Secondly, the ones doing the complaining are so-called ‘serious’ actresses, not just sluttish bimbos like Paris Hilton who welcomes all and sundry to have a perusal. Thirdly, you people are public performers and your lives are devoted to laying bare who you are.

jennifer-lawrenceAnd finally, and most importantly, if you are concerned about having intimate gynaecological shots posted on the Internet, why are you having such photos taken? In other words, if you are female (especially, but not always) don’t trust anybody who wants to take a picture of you in all your glory. You never know where that ol’ photo is going to turn up. So, if a camera-bug, or a guy aiming his phone at you enters your life, keep your panties (at least) on no matter how warmly you feel about this guy or how such disrobing seemed to suit the “mood” of the moment.

I mean, how many of you have scandalous photos of yourself floating around? You do? Wanna share? But seriously, back in Polaroid days there were folks (I’ve heard) who snapped a few naughty pics, but they then sequestered them in a drawer so that the kids, the in-laws or a house sitter might not happen upon them on a spying expedition when you were away from the house.

But, seriously, the pictures in question that are causing a stir are strictly nudies, not pictures of coition or other intimate acts. It’s nudity. We all get naked when we bathe or visit the loo, and some even go for a swim minus a costume. I have swum starkers a number of times and in mixed gender company and it didn’t disconcert me at all.

And I will also be candid enough to say that there are people I’d have no aversion to seeing en dishabille. I mean, some people are pretty darned attractive.

Maybe it’s just me. While not a naturist, I have no problem with the baring of bodies, either mine or that of another. I think such shyness is silliness.

We have a world fraught with ghastly tumult and I think the privacy of naked entertainers is absolutely the least of my concerns.


4 responses to “Wanna see me naked? It’ll cost you.

  1. I would never ever have considered having a photo taken of me nude, even when I was fairly attractive. I did take a photo of me once wearing a bikini bottom and seated wearing a rabbit fur coat, which looked like I was wearing nothing but the coat. It did look rather sexy and I did it as a surprise for my hubby! One year my hubby (deceased now) paid for me to get glamor shots done and the wildest photo was of me wearing a string of pearls with my satin gloved hands over my breasts (waist up shot). That was risque for me!!!

  2. Why anyone would let someone take naked pics on a phone is beyond me. I know phone pics are ubiquitous now, but email, people! texts, cloud!! THINK!!!

  3. Never underestimate the stupidity of others. Good points. Think, indeed.

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