And I think to myself what a wonderful, strange, weird, sometimes surprising world

pink lloyd

Even in my periodic jadedness I still manage to find the world a wonderful fascinating and sometimes whimsical oftentimes confusing yet periodically enchanting place.

It remains a place of magnificent vistas and scenes, beautiful music, riveting literature, spellbinding theatre and films, a panoply of diverse and enthralling cultures, and certainly beautiful and charming women and girls. God love the latter, they have always kept me alert, albeit sometimes troubled.

I have also been fortunate enough to have seen many places and things that have affected me in various ways. I have had highlights, and lowlights, enchantments and surprises, and sometimes disappointments. They are all part of the tapestry in this ball of mud I call home for as long as I am permitted to.

Some Highlights (in no particular order or category):

– My initial glimpse of the Battersea Power Station, that icon on the Pink Floyd Album cover the first time I visited London many years ago. The first of many many times I have visited London and have never ceased to be enchanted in a place about which I persist in the belief that it’s still the greatest big city in the world.

– Rounding a street corner near dusk on my first visit to Rome and spying at the end of the block the floodlit Colosseum. Took my breath away, it did.

– Seeing the crocodiles on the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica and being astonished at how huge they were.

– Snorkeling with manta rays on the Big Island of Hawaii just a few weeks ago.

– Falling in love (and I have done so a few times) and having the beloved love me back. No better feeling.

– Revisiting the street on which I resided in England in 1980-81 in 2006 and finding that my landlord still lived next door.

– Annecy, France.

– Muri Lagoon on Rarotonga.

DSCN0501The NaPali Cliffs on Kauai

– Flying in a jet fighter over the Comox Glacier.

– Having had the chance to see Sir Alec Guinness in a theatrical production in London.

– The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

– Joshua Tree National Park.

Disappointments (again random):

Stonehenge. I anticipated finding it enthralling. Albeit it was interesting and has that amazing pre-Celtic heritage and how the hell did they move those damn big rocks? But I still found it to be “less than”. More intriguing was accidentally coming across a couple behind a lying down rock who were deciding this was the venue to get to know each other carnally.

And now i have decided that this is going on for too long and my brain is getting fried, so I guess a disappointment would be starting something with great gusto and then have it peter out – sort of like my second marriage.

DSCN2825Surprises (OK, only one):

Well, actually two in Cartagena, Colombia. One was that Juan Valdez and his li’l burro are sort of iconized there, and that toucans, albeit charming and very tame are much, much smaller than I had previously thought. Who knew? Do the Guinness folk know?


2 responses to “And I think to myself what a wonderful, strange, weird, sometimes surprising world

  1. The toucan isn’t small. You just never mentioned you’re ten feet tall!!!!

  2. Forgot about that part of the equation. Lot of people don’t know that about me.

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