It’s Thanksgiving weekend and that enhances my attitude of gratitude


Thanksgiving is kind of a gratuitous celebration of gratitude in that if you woke up this morning in your own bed or one belonging to a terribly dear friend, then you should be thankful – possibly on two counts.

But, I don’t intend to be glib, cynical or callous here. Well, as you know such behaviors are not in my nature, and also because there are aspects of my life about which I am filled with gratitude. This blog entry will be short and to the point, mainly because it’s a holiday weekend and I don’t feel like sweating it. So, if you are one of the two or three people who still get around to taking a look at my blog, I am thankful for you. You rock.

Otherwise, I am thankful for:

– My life with Wendy. I mean, not every minute of every day, any more than she feels always that way about life with me. We are human. But, considering the domestic wars I have been through I am delighted to share my life with her.

– Our house is a very, very, very fine house. Not extravagant, just a pleasing and tasteful bungalow in a pleasant neighborhood with good neighbors to boot and hardly any mayhem on the streets.

– Max. No more needs to be said.

– I’d like to be younger, no point in denying it. But, since that is impossible, I am ecstatic I’m still kicking around and my health seems fairly decent.

– The wonderful travels I and we have taken.

– Time spent in Hawaii, my other favorite place to put my feet up.

– My God-given creativity. Hasn’t made me rich but it gives me much gratification, so thanks for my modicum of talent.

– After a great run of bad behaviour I am happy to have been sober for 17 1/2 years.

– All the girls I’ve loved before. Bless you all.

– The lovely ladies at Bosley’s. Gracious, pleasant and goshdarn pretty and Max loves you too.

– Wonderful music of all genres.

– People I’ve been reunited with on Facebook. Thought you were lost to the ages and now you’re not. People badmouth FB but it has distinct virtues.

– Having seen my byline in various publications including the Times of London.

– Having had the access to a number of notable people in both politics and entertainment via my newspaper career. A few were assholes, and lots were much more pleasant than I anticipated they’d be.

– Having gotten a decent education and having been exposed to a world of ideas and thought, all of which ultimately led me to my life’s work.

– Having once been a teacher and cherishing the fact that I now have strong friendship connections with a few former students of mine.

– My years as a newspaper scribe, especially at the Comox District Free Press, the best damn little paper in the country.

– Living in a country that is, so far, to be noted for its lack of stormtroopers and state censorship, which means I can write my screeds without fear of being carted off to a festering prison at 3 am.

– Friends, old and new. They are my lifeblood. Some have consistently remained and some have moved on and a few have sadly departed permanently, but you all meant much in making me who I am.

– Family, at the immediate and distant levels. You are my connectedness and if you’re still kicking around, you mean a lot. If you aren’t, then you meant a lot.

– Ex-wives. You will not escape a mention in my gratitude list. I loved each of you dearly and I still love you both even if things didn’t work out and there was pain and tears involved. Life has pain and tears and then we move on, so bless you both.

There is more, no doubt, but that is my basic list of gratitudes for this Thanksgiving.


6 responses to “It’s Thanksgiving weekend and that enhances my attitude of gratitude

  1. Thank you .. Wonderful cousin ( or whatever relation we are) for this joyous statement of thankfulness that I share with you in more ways than I shall say here. We are blessed to be part of the same family.. And to share so much love and history ….you made me smile ..a lot xxx

    • What a lovely message that came as a complete surprise, Lizzie. Ever since I met your family so many years ago I have always considered you lot to be family and have huge feelings regarding your parents as well as you and your lovely sister, both of whom I love very much. So thank you so much for your thoughts and we do share a lot of love and history.

  2. A list worthy of the exercise of gratitude, both considered and varied.You’ve had an interesting life and learned from your experiences…Who could ask for more?

  3. oh yeah, Canada has Thanksgiving earlier than we Americans. Sounds like a great list.

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