You’re meant to love your neighbour as yourself; so was it something we said?


No matter how you look at it, life is about changes and those changes are often losses in which the fabric of our beings are rent asunder by events beyond our control.

Throughout our days we have faced the deaths of family members and beloved friends. We have suffered divorces and/or separations. And others with whom we are close have departed for foreign parts and no matter how much you think such a thing will make no difference to your relationship; it will. You know it will.

As the years go by they will make new connections, and so will you and while such people might remain special in the heart, they will not remain the same. They cannot.

And then, at a more minor level, you have the case of neighbors. Neighbors sometimes have a tendency to move. That is distressing. Especially if they are good neighbors.

For a decade now we have had some very fine neighbors in the house next door. And they are in the process of moving. We’re pissed off about that. For the past few weeks they have been gathering up items, goods, and even chattels and putting them in boxes and then putting the boxes into trucks and transporting them away from the hood.

I don’t like that. Neither of us in this household like that. We’re irritated with them and their decision-making processes, none of which involved consulting with us. Bastards.

neighborsIf they had been shitty neighbors we would have welcomed the change, but they were quite the opposite. They were a quiet, considerate professional family not given to wild parties or chucking beer cans over the fence. Husband and wife didn’t have raucous rows in which the police had to be called, and their sons, when they were still living at home weren’t dealing crack out of the basement door.

They were just plain agreeable. We didn’t live out of each other’s pockets and there were lots of things we didn’t know about them, and that they didn’t know about us, and that is as it should be – you know, the old ‘good fences’ adage.

Furthermore, they liked our dog and we liked their dog and those things count for a lot.

So, and I’m serious, we were filled with a certain gloom when the ‘sold’ notice appeared on their real estate sign. Sold! WTF? They were serious about going. Who is going to replace them. We have been very fortunate with our neighbors on all sides. Will this time be different. Will we get a biker gang moving in? Some retro bastards obsessed with heavy metal playing at full volume? Meth cookers? Really, really messy folks? Chronic partiers? A brothel? Who can tell?

Anyway, changes; ch-ch-ch-ch-changes don’t make me a happy resident and I cannot do a damn thing about it.


6 responses to “You’re meant to love your neighbour as yourself; so was it something we said?

  1. The nerve of them.

  2. Just plain cheek, as my grandmother would have said.

  3. I recently sold my home and my neighbors were so sad as was I. I had lived there for almost 17 years and had good (and some bad) memories. My neighbors were the best and that is the biggest loss to me. My husband was ill the last 6 years of his life and they were so supportive–mowing my lawns, trimming my plants, bringing baked goods and leaving in baskets anonymously, helping in many ways. I left a note for the buyers of my home telling them what great neighbors they now have, left their names, and told them to enjoy the wonderful cul de sac of caring.

  4. A brothel could be cool… 😉

    This said, I love our neighbours too, and I’d be rather pissed off if they left..

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