If you’re spreading it around be careful who you’re doing it with, it seems


I must make a confession. Until all the poop hit the fan I did not know who Jian Ghomeshi actually was. He is/was evidently the host of a CBC Radio program called Q. Hadn’t heard of that, either.

My further confession is that since the demise of homey old Gzowski (like a comfy old cardigan he was) from the ‘public’ airwaves, and combined with a number of other rather ghastly and unwanted changes to the ‘Mother’ corporation’s offerings, CBC is no longer the default station on my car radio – and the car is the only place in which I actually listen to the radio.

Anyway, the only time I had ever actually heard him mentioned was when he got into a pissing match of sorts with Billy Bob Thornton. Don’t remember what that was about. Wasn’t listening, y’see.

ghomeshiOf late, however, there has been a great deal of Ghomeshi thrust in our faces and people are offering multiple opinions about his conflict with the CBC, which sacked him, and now he is suing them for $50 million for wrongful dismissal, or something. Or maybe he was taking some “personal time”, which is the polite euphemism for his ass is grass.

It all comes down to sex, it seems. Well, what worthy in life doesn’t, one might ask?

According to an article in that august journal The Toronto Star, Mr. Ghomeshi indulged in some rather kinky sex practices (thank God the Star wasn’t following me around through all the years of my life) with assorted nameless women. While I won’t divulge any kinky practices I might, or might not have indulged in, Mr. Ghomeshi’s, it is alleged, involved sort of 50 Shades of Grey shenanigans, or BDSM for those into labels. Well, I have never fancied the giving or receiving of pain with my pleasure, so such things don’t get my hormones racing, but chacun a son gout, I say.

What happened, according to the Star is that certain nameless women came forth to that utterly reliable journal and alleged that Mr. Ghomeshi did that stuff with them against their wills. In other words, he imposed his alleged kink on them, which they saw as sexual assault. I am not saying that it was or wasn’t assault as I wasn’t there, and neither was anybody else other than the principals involved.

But, the whole thing has set off a bit of a firestorm of controversy with people rallying for one side or the other. If the allegations are true, then Mr. Ghomeshi has a lot to answer for and he might be wise to withdraw his suit before shit from that fan starts flying everywhere. But, if they are untrue, then he has been defamed and that is one of the age old prices to be paid if you are notable. In other words, if you are a big name be careful who you fuck and make sure your playmate is on exactly the same page as you are.

Now, unfortunately, with things like this, people come out on one side or the other. Even some big names have fallen victim to the fallout. Notably, Elizabeth May, Green Party boss, offered unqualified praises for her “friend”. Well, as she admitted later, she should have checked more closely, because if it’s true that assault did take place then who or what philosophically is she supporting. To grant her some grace, she was big enough to later say “my bad” in her initial comments. Gotta watch what you put up on Facebook, Ms. May.

Eventually the truth (may) out. If Mr. Ghomeshi is as talented an interviewer as this fans attest to, then this will definitely put a crimp in his career plans. I mean, who does he think he is, Bill Clinton? Only pols, it seems, can get away with such nonsense and be forgiven. For a broadcaster, not quite so easy.

Since I don’t really know the whole story, as do none of us, I can only hope the allegations are untrue and that he weathers the storm. At least I now know who he is.

5 responses to “If you’re spreading it around be careful who you’re doing it with, it seems

  1. Who knows. It’s all allegations, as much on his side as on hers. What I do find unfortunate though is that Mr. Ghomeshi seems to be taken more seriously than the ex. Which is par for the course, because women are rarely taken seriously in such cases. They’re always the “disgruntled ex”. Whatever happens, I hope they both get their say and are both taken seriously. If she was indeed assaulted, it is a crime. If they were consensually into BDSM, more power to them. But the chances of us ever knowing for sure are slim to none and Slim is outta town.

    What really gets me in this whole thing is that in this day and age people can get fired for their sexual practices. Think of that: Fired for what you do in the privacy of your own home. i don’t care that you’re a public figure. Your sex life, your life in general is nobody’s business.

    • I agree with every word you say if it was all amongst consenting adults. But as the story has unfolded it seems that not all the females involved were all that consenting — or so they are saying. On the other hand, I don’t get that pain shit connected to sexual pleasure.

  2. This was not so much about sex as about violence against the women. There is a new story from The Star…

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