The boys seem to have come a long way from the days of Miss Grundy

mary kay slut

Just finished reading an unnecessarily overlong article in Maclean’s Mag concerning horny female teachers seducing their young classroom charges and while reading was, of course, struck by the thought that such a thing never happened to me – drat!

When I think of it there weren’t too many female teachers when I was a student with whom I would have welcomed a liaison of the intimate sort. I mean, yes, when I was teaching there were indeed a few female colleagues who stirred the loins, but that was different. Oh, and if you’re curious, I never went there, either. This is a tale that initially gained prominence with the involvement of very attractive Seattle teacher Mary Kay Letourneaux and her young Samoan student. People were shocked and appalled and her marriage went down the toilet but ultimately, after a fair amount of slammer time, Mary Kay married the boy and when last we heard they were happily together. This is a tale that can lead people to ask, So, she screwed a student, what was the problem?

As it is, the only teacher I had who quite literally enchanted me was my French teacher when I was in Grade 13 (senior matric still existed when I was in school. It was a great concept and should have been kept. Anyway, the teacher. She was a trim, classy woman of probably her late 40s at the time. I had a bit of a Mrs. Robinson quirk at the time, so her age was no problem. In fact, and part of the appeal, was that she was a real woman, rather than a mere girl. Oh, and she was ‘real’ French, not Quebecoise.

She was funny, terribly intelligent, sophisticated, lovely on the eyes and I developed a huge crush on her. She shall remain nameless, by the way. Move ahead a few years and to the time I student taught at that same school. Well, she and I became really good friends. We’d sit and smoke in the staffroom and just darn well bonded. It went no further.

Years later I was out for a walk in Central Park in Burnaby when a very trim and pretty older lady jogged by. We both stopped in our tracks at the same time, and turned around. It was she. We went towards each other and she threw a huge hug on me. It was one of the more enchanting moments of my life. Have not seen or heard from her since, but she was very special.

Now, back to schoolmarms who steadfastly refuse to keep their panties on when they are in charge of male students they fancy. There have been more and more incidents reported in recent years of female teachers being intimate with their young male charges in situations that are certainly in violation of what the teacher/student relationship should be. What was pointed out, and justifiably, in the article is that the penalties for male teachers who cross the sexual boundary with a student can be draconian and regularly include lengthy prison sentences. For female teachers, not so much. House arrest or a smattering of small jail time are the norms. Why is this so?

Well, part of it stems from the fact that certain judges don’t really believe it’s a big deal and, without saying so, subscribe to the idea that if a randy boy can stick it into a compliant teacher, with her encouragement, then most randy boys would relish the thought.

Yet, it’s not really that simple. Studies have shown that there are often long-term psychological repercussions to such intimacy and that also pain arises when the boy falls in love with the teacher and she might quite likely have gone there in a quest for adventure that can let her escape from a stale marriage.

All things considered the straying female teacher can be just as damaging as the male equivalent, but I suspect it will be a long time before society sees it that way. And they can always cite Mary Kay in justification of mild approval.


8 responses to “The boys seem to have come a long way from the days of Miss Grundy

  1. Most of the teachers were old and usually male during my youth. I remember having a big crush on my 6th grade teacher as he was an artist. Mr. Lombardi…sigh!

  2. Thank you for this. As you note, too many people seem to think that it’s okay for boys to be molested under the guise of sophisticated seduction, or something like that. In spite of the fantasy, it’s still damaging.

    That being said, I did have quite a few crushes on my teachers growing up. Ah, the fantasy, at least, is a good one… 🙂

  3. I admit to having crushes on several male teachers at school and I know most of the boys fancied one of the female PE teachers who was drop dead gorgeous. That’s surely part of growing up which is precisely why all teachers have a responsibility to stay well away from their students, in spite of their own emotional or physical needs. Simple!

    • I couldn’t say it better, dear friend. It’s all about responsibly seeing the boundaries. Yes, and I as a former male teacher had students I’d like to have bedded in a heartbeat, but I fully accepted the boundaries and never even thought of going there.

  4. Ah my high school biology teacher… He was beyond hot.

    And there totally is a double standard in regards to female teachers. It’s wrong, it’s a line that should never ever be crossed and the consequences should be the same as for a male teacher. I’ve had this conversation with hubs, he says that had a hot female teacher showed interest in him, he would’ve jumped at the chance, as would most men and that it’s not a big deal. And this is a very enlightened guy. But sorry, it is a big deal. The teacher is in a position of power, just as much as a male teacher is. So, no. Just no. End of story. But as you say, it’ll be a long while before society sees it that way.

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