She rocked her ruby-red lipstick and that made my day just a little brighter

sexy mout

I love to wear red lipstick a lot, even in the daytime.

Heather Morris

Out shopping yesterday I saw a young woman in the store who had the most utterly amazing, full and sensual lips. And those delectable lips were incarnadine coated with delicious looking ruby-red lipstick of the sort one doesn’t see on a lot of young women. It left her mouth looking luscious and highly inviting.

And, excuse me for this, but I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to kiss such an amazing mouth that should be the subject of a painting and a poem. Possibly even a novel. Awfully wonderful, I suspect.

I thought for about a millionth of a second what might happen if I told her I’d really like to kiss her just to see what it might feel like. And then I thought for a much longer time what it would feel like to be hauled away in a squad car, and to subsequently have to deal with a third time around divorce since I suspect that my wife, as tolerant as she is, might not understand such a compulsion. Explaining that it was only for scientific intent would likely fall on deaf ears.

paltrowWhatever her reasons for being lipsticked – and I suspect she knows how amazing her mouth is – I commend her for embracing a custom about which Audrey Hepburn once expressed words to the effect that she felt undressed if she went out sans lipstick. Furthermore, I have read my Desmond Morris and know the reasons for women wishing to make their lips look radiant and inviting and shall belabor that point no longer.

But, I grew up in the era of lipstick where labial bedaubing was a rite-of-passage for girls as young as 12 and I always liked it. Loved wearing a white shirt on a date (yes, we did that then) and coming home with lipstick on a collar I’d determine to never wash. Not quite as overt as a hickey or actually ‘getting lucky’, but a fine memento nevertheless. Aside from the appearance-enhancing facets of lipstick, I also liked kissing a girl with lipstick on and tasting it and smearing it and all that stuff.

For a number of years lipstick went out of vogue when females opted for a ‘natural’ look. Damn hippies. Braless was OK, but lipstickless was not as OK. And now it’s back in a more limited realm than it once occupied, but the ruby-lipped young lady in the store proves it still has a place in the world.


6 responses to “She rocked her ruby-red lipstick and that made my day just a little brighter

  1. My husband hated lipstick and make up. The lipstick primarily because he did not like it rubbing off onto his lips, cheek, neck, and shirts. He said about the makeup that he preferred the natural look.

  2. Ah yes, I think you know now what a fan I am of “labial bedaubing” !!

  3. I love lipstick, but i never wear red. It’s just too in your face for me.

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