So, here comes the dirty stuff, so this isn’t for tender eyes. Well, it’s mainly dirty stuff lite so it shouldn’t bother the more sensitive

dirty statue

I have a few blogger contacts who are very frank about their sexuality – sometimes graphically frank about their sexuality and attitudes and what they do and what they like and what they are or ain’t getting.

You know, all of that “making the beast with two backs” stuff that Shakespeare referenced.

I admire these people for their candor and I am voyeuristic enough that I can sometimes find it even a bit titillating to learn what transpires when these individuals (female mostly) drop panties. eve babitz

My only problem with this is I’m not sure I have it within me to be so candid. That’s a hell of an admission for a generally pretty liberated writer to make.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love sex and human sexuality. I have had sex just quite a whole bunch of times over many years, but I get torn as to how much I want to share. Added to which I live in some trepidation that I might bore you senseless. Sex is a very difficult thing to write about. And one of the reasons, I believe, is due to its intensity. I mean, when it’s going right it’s a ‘kapow!’ kind of thing. How does one put that down to full-effect on the printed page or a computer screen?

I once (and vainly) tried to write some erotica. No small task. I thought it would be easy, but it was more challenging than I anticipated. What I wanted to be erotic and sensual just came out smutty. I didn’t want to convey dirty, I wanted to bring about arousal on the part of the reader. The rule of thumb, one writer of erotica suggested, was to gauge your own arousal level as you write. In my case it was about as horny as a tour of a fish plant. dirty flix

Of course, the thing with blogs is that they’re a bit like personal memoirs – diaries, if you like – in which you invite your reader to take a trip with you. But, you know, I am not sure that I want my readers to see me with my pants off. Well, maybe some of them, but I’ll go no further than that with that theme. But, bear with me while I strip down to my leopard-skin underpants and stretch myself, arm behind my head just so, in front of a roaring fire.

No, that just feels kind of silly. I think I’d rather see you in your knickers in before that fireplace, but that’s just me.

Have I set a mood for you?

Not for me, either.

So, as I said, I love sex. I love all the elements that go into a sexual encounter and the frolicsome things a couple can do, but I don’t know if anybody wants to share in those bits of me, and I don’t think I want to go there.


4 responses to “So, here comes the dirty stuff, so this isn’t for tender eyes. Well, it’s mainly dirty stuff lite so it shouldn’t bother the more sensitive

  1. For me, I do not get into the reading of sexual encounters. I just prefer to use imagination.

  2. Oh yes. My imagination can lead me into some quite amazing settings. I so agree.

  3. I think a personal blog isn’t really the place to recount one’s sexual exploits, but that’s just me. Thank you for holding back.

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