Some day you just may meet that ‘femme fatale’. I hope you survive the encounter

femme fatale

This is a repeat of a blog I wrote a number of years ago that I rather liked. Don’t read anything personal into it. If you do, you may or may not be right in certain instances.

If you are male and haven’t met a ‘devil woman’ yet, you will. If you’ve reached a certain age and seem to have missed her, then you were either too pure, too blind, or too drunk to have noticed her.

A warning: she always spies you first, and sets it all in motion.

How will I know her?

In the first place, you always know. It’s a gut thing. A slight tightening in the midriff. You’ve noticed many women in your life. Some you’ve regarded with ennui, and others with interest. If you’re heterosexual, you’ve likely even been involved with a few females. This one is different. The feeling she will evoke is not just fascination, arousal, passion, or love-at-first sight — but fear!

So she should, for if you submit to her having walked in, be assured that she’s not going to leave quietly. Also, be assured that she will leave on ‘her’ terms always, never on yours. You will never-ever be granted the power of decision when it comes to dealing with her.

There are no set physical criteria for a Devil Woman. She may be beautiful. She may be fairly ordinary in appearance, but there is always the allure of the Lorelei. There are examples of the Devil Woman from throughout history and literature.


Eve — Adam didn’t have much choice, since female possiblities were limited to one, but isn’t it interesting that God chose a Devil Woman as His prototype? So, gentlemen, the warning was right there in the Bible.

Delilah — Bible again. Samson’s hair-cutting was, needless to say, metaphorical castration. The concept of ball-busting goes back a long way.

Cleopatra — “Screw the Roman Empire, I am going to get two of the biggest players (Caesar and Mark Antony) in my sway, and to show you my female power, they’re going to chuck all their empire building for me.” And so they did. And so would you have.
Lucrezia Borgia — Always on her terms. If you balked at her wants or charms, she’d poison you.

Madame de Pompadour — Walked into Louis XV’s life, and France was hers, not the Queen’s — nor even Louis’.

Ava Gardner — Frankie may have caused a million bobby-soxers to soak their knickers, but he had a wife and couldn’t keep her. When the beauteous Ava decided to walk, the singing thug from Hoboken couldn’t pound her into submission. They say he never got over her.

Elizabeth Taylor — Hold a seance and ask Richard Burton how much he would have preferred, all said and done, not to have taken that role in the execrable ‘Cleopatra’, so that this wondrously untalented cow might not have entered his life.

Your Devil Woman will probably be more commonplace than Ava or Elizabeth, but her venom will be just as potent. Oh, and be assured that when you do decide to abandon all that you formerly held dear, that absolutely none of your friends, acquaintances or family members will be able to understand what the attraction was.

Where will she be, just so I can avoid her?

She might be clerking in your supermarket. She is the one who holds your gaze while she’s ringing up your carrots. She’s not overt. She won’t openly flirt. She’ll just make a kind of chill run through you, and will look at you differently than she does other customers. Her gaze will melt into your soul. No, it’s not just your imagination.

She might work in your office. Offices are hotbeds of fantasies and actualities, no matter how much management and head office likes to discourage such shenanigans — except on the part of senior management, of course. She may flirt with every mailboy, file clerk, and board chairman, but she doesn’t with you. She knows that will catch your interest. Again, you will get the gaze, with only the slight hint of a smile playing at the corners of enticing lips. You won’t even see the gaze directly, but somewhere in your peripheral vision, you know it’s happening. And then, one day, she will come to your desk to ask you something, stand behind you, and touch you lightly on the shoulder. It will be like a high-tension wire has dropped from its pylon onto you. Your shoulder, and possibly the rest of you, will never be the same.

How does the scenario play out? With assorted variations, much like this:

She doesn’t walk, she sashays. No so much a Marilyn Monroe ass-swing, as a sensual glide through the room. A glide, if it’s working right (and it usually is), that will only be picked up by you. And when it is, she catches your eye — ever so fleetingly. When you are not making eye-contact with her, you still know she’s looking at you. There is a burning sensation that comes from those eyes as they radiate across the room. If you look up, she will immediately look away, and begin shuffling some papers on her desk.

Her voice is soft and treacly, and you like the way she says — anything. You don’t listen for the substance of her conversation — there may not be much there — only the sound. She could read the phone book to you, and you would be more enchanted than if you were listening to one of the great orators of history.

Her looks? They may vary from conventional attractiveness, but they do it for you. They hit you somewhere between heart and stomach, and you find yourself thinking about what she looks like when she isn’t around, and hoping you’ll see her, regardless of where you happen to be at any given time. You become obsessed with seeing her, or setting yourself up in situations where you know she might happen by.

At some point you are going to be powerfully tempted to go to another stage of life with her. You will initially balk at the idea. You will look at your innocent and oblivious wife or girlfriend and feel a deep sadness for her. You couldn’t do ‘that’ to her! And then you start to figure out how maybe you could — and not get caught. You wouldn’t do anything dangerous. Nothing that would disrupt anything at home. Maybe you could just invite the Devil Woman to lunch? That’s harmless — that’s innocent. Nice meal at a quiet little out-of-the-way place where none of your friends go — maybe a drink or two on a Friday after work — a few laughs — find out a bit more about her. That would work. Nothing that your significant other would feel threatened about.

Of course, you’ve completely missed the point with this individual. This won’t be an innocent flirtation with a chick from the office. This will be something bigger than you could ever imagine.

So, if you haven’t turned back by this point, you do ask her to lunch. She thinks for a moment, looks long at you, and says, most demurely, “That would be very nice. It would be good to get to know you a little better.”

And you go to lunch. And it’s the most pleasant hour you have spent in the last 15 or 20 years. You admit to yourself, you’re a teeny bit enchanted. But, there’s nothing to worry about. Little crushes are quite normal.

At the end of lunch, you hear yourself saying: “That was nice. We should do it again sometime.”

She, without a second’s hesitation, responds: “I’d like that very much.” Not just that she’d like it, but that she’d like it ‘very much’. That’s significant. You feel an unease based on the realization that things are starting to assume a life of their own. But, you tell yourself, I’ll keep it all under control. It’s not like I’ve slept with her, or anything as stupid as that.

What you don’t realize, since you are dealing with an alien force — a Devil Woman — is that you have no say in the scenario whatsoever. This is all her call. She is the one choreographing it, and her plan is to ensnare you like you’ve never been ensnared. She will, pod-like, take over the very essence of your being, and you will chuck out all that she finds alien or threatening to her. You will do that, and she knows that you will. So, linger for a moment in the last vestiges of your freedom and autonomy, because all you know and love is about to be taken away from you. From this point on — until the final disaster (and it will take place) — you are lost. You are possessed. And ultimately a brutal exorcism will be needed to restore you to normality. You may not even survive. If you do, you will be better for it, but you will also always be different.

When the denouement is reached.

And when it’s all over, will she ever be completely out of your system?

Probably not.


2 responses to “Some day you just may meet that ‘femme fatale’. I hope you survive the encounter

  1. And you have no say in the matter of course? Pffft. Hate to break it to you gentlemen but there is such a thing as free will I believe…. :-/

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