It was the best of times but, alas, it was also the worst of times

mo steve

In other years and for many years I used to pen for the local newspapers (The Green Sheet and later The Echo) my annual list of dubious achievers and achievements. My access to the media is now defunct, for various reasons, none of them my own but just mainly marketplace considerations.

I don’t need to feel too bad about it as Esquire Magazine, my original inspiration that regard (unwisely, in my esteem) dropped theirs a few years ago.

However, there are still people out there who either do well or fuck up, much to the disappointment of not a few, so I decided to compile a list of the good, bad or indifferent personages within our purview.

Hero of the year: Some might be moved to say Pope Francis, but I’m not too big on popes or the concept. For the same reason I will eschew royals of any stripe. So, my choice in that regard is the brilliantly courageous Malala Yousafzai, deserved winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Who more deserving? cheney

Scariest Prick of the year: Who else? Vladimir Putin, the man longing for those golden years of Stalinism.

Biggest nob of the year: Our own PM, Stephen Harper who succeeding in creating a Canada that I no longer recognize as the country in which I was born and have loved until fairly recently.

Biggest showboater sans substance of the year: He may yet come into his own but so far Justin Trudeau has failed to either enchant or inspire me with anything representing political maturity. If you are a good Liberal, don’t hate me, I’m just calling ’em as I sees ’em.

Biggest disappointment(s) of the year: Bill Cosby and Rolf Harris. Two men who made careers out of the funnier sides of life, who proved to be not terribly funny in their behavior. In the case of Cos, it’s yet to be proved whereas Rolf is spending his declining years in the nick.

Biggest dipshit of the year: Jian Ghomeshi. I don’t think I need to elaborate further.esquare

Biggest wearer out of his welcome: The one and only Justin Bieber.

Biggest blower of a once brilliant and inspiring opportunity: Unfortunately, President Barack Obama. Come on, you could have done better despite the reactionary assholes who conspired against you. But you failed to smite them, though that’s what presidents are expected to do.

Biggest public figure loss: Robin Williams. ‘Nuff sed.

Biggest psychopathic dipshit: Dick Cheney

Biggest public figure who is absolutely meaningless to me: Somebody called Jennifer Lawrence, an actress I gather who was pissed because somebody posted nekkid photos of her on the Internet. Don’t want pictures of you in your all-togethers going public? Don’t pose for starkers photos.

Biggest overhyped musician: Bono and U2. Sorry, I’ve just never gone there. My opinion only, of course.

Biggest musician to stage a comeback after a gazillion years away: Kate Bush.

Biggest musician long overdue for a comeback; Adele, of course.

The foregoing were just my opinions. Feel free to add some of your own or to rail at my choices.


8 responses to “It was the best of times but, alas, it was also the worst of times

  1. You forgot Rob Ford? Otherwise I think you are spot on dear!

  2. You nailed it.

  3. Yes, if Jennifer Lawrence did not want people to see naked photos of them, then DON’T POSE for them! When they say that they only posed for a hubby or boyfriend, then why do it when they see you all the time. And I think poses in sexy clothing is far more sensual anyways!
    The loss of Robin Williams is very sad, I agree.
    As for Mr. Cosby–we are all innocent until proven guilty. Nuff said.
    Oh come on…you gotta take Justin Bieber back! I am so disappointed in his actions and he is not a good role model. Everyone I know wants to send him back to Canada to stay!

  4. Yup, Candace is spot on with Rob Ford. In the dipshit musician category, I’d add Bob Geldorf, the man who berates others because they don’t join his self aggrandizing “let’s use an hour and sign a song to cure Ebola” bullshit. God, that man is an ass.

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