Seems that all the ‘oops’ moments in our lives have added together and have come back to haunt


A group of pleasant looking ladies is dancing around and having fun, but the implication of a certain ad is that they just might be having wee (used advisedly) accidents in their undies. That is because, we are told, that “pee happens” and you just might need a little padding in your knickers to avoid embarrassment.

Now, I had heretofore thought that potty-training many years earlier took care of such a problem. But, as I have been duly informed, such life-events as childbirth, not to mention the aging process evoke change in earlier pee-pee fastidiousness.

This was a point I made earlier in a Facebook posting in which I noted a huge amount of advertising on TV and in magazines to incontinence and other issues indicates that not only is the boomer generation getting older (duh!) but that it still controls the marketplace in terms of target purchasers of various items that relate to having put on a few miles.

However, as a friend aptly observed, younger people are connected electronically for the most part, not by TV and mags. Fair enough. But obviously there are still enough of us out there that the corporate world is shelling out for situations in which, for example, Junior is given the keys to Dad’s beautifully restored Mustang with the message “it’s time”. Well, what it is really time for is for Dad and Mom to get laid, since Dad has taken his Cialis or whatever that is dealing with erectile dysfunction, another plague for the increasingly infirm (used advisedly yet again). No, folks, we’re not longer talking about Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver, Mom and Dad ‘do it’ and obviously like it. Different times. I still don’t like to think about my parents having sex and they’ve been dead for years.grandpa

A lot of time and space devoted to COPD in ads with wonderfully healthy looking grey-haired folk and scarcely a wheezer in the lot. But, I guess those of you who grew of age in the Mad Men era and regularly knocked off three packs a day are now paying the price for your sins. The smoking thing is never stated, but we know what the ads are really about.

Crestor and other cholesterol control substances are big market items. Your Kentucky Fried Chicken binges have come home to roost so take this stuff or you’re gonna die. Add them to your blood-pressure meds and your blood thinners, also hugely advertised.

Got a touch of the rheumatiz? Well lots of products to deal with that.

And finally, if the missus or mister have walked out, there are even dating sites for the more venerable.

I am going to start to get uneasy when funeral home advertising begins to proliferate.

Welcome to your Golden Years, dears.


8 responses to “Seems that all the ‘oops’ moments in our lives have added together and have come back to haunt

  1. Lately I’ve been seeing adverts for ‘A Place For Mom’, which apparently helps people find homes to shut their folks in to. Makes it nice and easy, right? Plus you have that third party to blame if things don’t go well down the line.

  2. When we are young we never consider the future when we do things, like getting tattoos, piercings, etc. Now I was one of the few who did think about that. I decided long ago that I never wanted an elongated tattoo in an embarrassing place that my grand kids might see. I heard one of my nieces once say after observing a tattoo on a rather wrinkled old ladies arm–that is so gross! Her arm had the “hanging loose skin” look and plenty of wrinkles. It did look bad.
    My sister-in-law years ago got a tweety bird tattooed on her breast. Now tweety bird is taller, thinner and odd looking since the breast has given in to gravitational pull. Not sexy looking any more.
    Then there is the gradual lean towards bladder leakage that is so troublesome. Running to a bathroom is not an ability anymore, especially while trying to keep your legs tight together.
    Thinning hair is another big problem, more so for women. Hats and scarves become popular!

  3. God, Ian, is January not bad enough without you reminding me of this?

  4. Maybe I’ll just pack it in right now…

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