A binge by any other name is just as destructive to the soul

binge tv

Currently sitting stored away in my TV ‘mystery’ box thingy of controls are all the episodes of this season’s Downton Abbey except the first one, which I actually watched and must confess I found rather lame. So, perhaps I’ll get around to the DVRed (is that the term) ones – or not.

In being there they join the other bits-and-pieces of either complete programs, tail-ends of movies I was watching and then decided it would be ever so wonderful to record the rest; episodes of TV shows I once liked (like the Good Wife, which had something to do with the exquisite Julianna Margulies), but realized I had grown tired of, and assorted other series episodes.binge

I think I have a low boredom threshold, or what is past is past. I mean, do any of us really have an impulse to watch old episodes of Seinfeld? Good in its day, but that was then and this is now and George Costanza really was such an asshole, Kramer actor proved to be a bigot, and Elaine was loud and irritating.

So, what I am getting around to is the TV-bingeing thing in which hapless viewers bring in beverages and foodstuffs and probably don some disposable diapers so they don’t have to leave for the potty and then sit and watch episode after episode of Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, or Homeland, or House of Cards or whatever else tickles them, all in one ongoing fell-swoop. See, bingeing. Not as hard on the liver as the other kind of bingeing, but likely unhealthy, too. Bingers emerge from their indulgence with bags under their eyes and oblivious to what has gone on in the world; food crumbs and stains on their shirts and I don’t even want to consider the state of their underthings. In other words, they look very much like the other sort of binger and possibly destroyed just as many brain cells in their process. depends

I have no such impulse there has never been a TV show or even movie since the beginning of time that could entice me to give up such a time-span to be ‘entertained’.


12 responses to “A binge by any other name is just as destructive to the soul

  1. I have never binged on any shows except for GAME OF THRONES. When I saw one of the shows I had missed several before it, so I did watch all the previous, in order, over a weekend so I could catch up. I just never am compelled with most shows to do that. But I do know those who cannot stand to miss one episode of–now get this–THE BACHELOR!!!! THAT I find hilarious!

    • The Bachelor? Good heavens. Have never seen Game of Thrones, I must confess. But, as I said, I have been recording Downton Abbey. Whether or not I watch it, who knows.

  2. Isn’t today that big football game thingy??

  3. I binge watch but don’t take it to extremes. But like you my DVR is half full of momentary obsessions that seemed important at the time. The nice thing is they delete real easy!! 🙂

  4. I binged Sex And the City while sick with the flu once. I truly think that would be the only way to watch that one!


  5. I mean, do any of us really have an impulse to watch old episodes of Seinfeld?
    That would be me, actually. I periodically pull out Seinfeld DVDs and rewatch them – we just watched the last season a few months ago…

    And I do tend to download a whole series that i discovere and watch a couple of episodes each evening until I’m caught up or bored, whichever comes first. My current obsession is Girls. It makes me fees excessively old though.

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