Never a ‘Trekkie’ but I did admire Spock’s steely logic and ability to cope with Shatner all those years

spock laffs

There was a funny line (to me at least) in an episode of Big Bang Theory in which Amy asks bodacious Penny what the difference is between Star Trek and Star Wars. “Not a thing,” was Penny’s rejoinder.

Now, I don’t mean to make light of the demise of Leonard (Mr. Spock) Nimoy, though it may surprise the more avid aficionados that he wasn’t really part Vulcan and was actually an actor who even performed in other vehicles than the Star Trek franchise.

I’ll be honest, I was never much of a Star Trek buff because I couldn’t muster the avid fan enthusiasm that for some is literally (not figuratively, folks, but literally) a way of life. Kim Cattrall told me a few years ago how, after she had appeared in one of the ST movies she attended a Trekkie convention. I asked her what that was like. “Kind of creepy,” she replied. “In the movie I played a Vulcan and there were people who talked to me whom I am convinced thought I really was a Vulcan.”nimoy mr spock

For me, as it stands, I’ll get my intergalactic wisdom from Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, and Hitchhiker’s Guide. You know, the real goods.

However, I am prepared to give any vehicle a break, though Sci-Fi is not my cup-of-tea (except maybe Alien, that kind of scared the crap out of me). The other one, Star Wars, I found to be vastly overrated and remarkably silly. Space vehicles do not go “whoosh” in space. Harrison Ford was much better used in Blade Runner; just sayin’. kim and lennie

So, as for ST, I have tried over the years to get into it. I have only ever watched the first incarnation with the insufferably egocentric Shatner, Spock, Scottie and whoever else with all their charmingly clunky old analog dials. I haven’t really watched to any degree the one with Picard, though Wendy attests it is a superior vehicle and I’ll take her word for it. And I gather there are 20 or 30 other incarnations of Star Trek on TV, too including one with a female captain, which I think is a jolly good idea.

I also have heard that Nimoy and Shatner did not really like each other so very much because of a case of two raging egos causing a bit of conflict. Things were not always calm on the bridge of the Enterprise. kirk

So, all things considered, I was sorry to hear of Nimoy’s passing. Very much an icon of an era and he made the role a well-considered one. So, RIP sir and a blissful eternity in wherever it is that deceased half-Vulcans go. He lived well and he prospered. None of us can ask for anything more.


4 responses to “Never a ‘Trekkie’ but I did admire Spock’s steely logic and ability to cope with Shatner all those years

  1. I agree about Shatner!

  2. Red Dwarf and Hitchiker rule!

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