If you don’t show me your beliefs, I won’t show you mine. OK?


A (possibly apocryphal) statement ascribed to Frank Sinatra goes: “Booze, broads or the Bible, whatever gets you through the night.” And yes, some nights can be longer than others I find.

Anyway, in life (and on FB – they’re the same thing, aren’t they) I take pains to avoid mocking the religion of others – unless the statements offered are utterly boneheaded and discriminatory, and in those cases the gloves come off. But otherwise, people are entitled to believe what they do and if what they believe gives solace to them, then whoopie for them.

I am not a particularly devout person, but I don’t entirely reject the balm that some kind of weird and illogical sense of faith can give when times are tough in life. And I have actually had a couple of moments in which I ‘reached out’ and I cherish those moments because what I was seeking was fulfilled. God intervening? Probably not in any direct way. If there is a God then I suspect that He, She, It has more things to be concerned about than my petty woes. That said, however, I do believe in the power of positive thinking and tend to think that is much of what it’s all about. So, no ‘Roads to Damascus’ for me, but I keep my options open.happy jesus

I am associated with an organization that likes to cite the name of God (with too much impunity for my liking) and I try to suck it up. It works for some people and in that I am happy for them.

But what I do say is please do not try to impose your God on me. I fail to appreciate missionary proselytizing and don’t believe anybody has the right to debunk the belief (or disbelief) of another in order to promote their own doctrine. A doctrine is a doctrine and if any one of them were perfect, as in the ‘answer’ there wouldn’t be so damned many of them.

I was raised an Anglican. That was a good thing. That meant you hardly ever had to go to church to hear some tiresome old (often expat Brit) vicar drone on and on about nothing I found relevant to my life – like does masturbation cause zits and why can’t I have my own car? My mother insisted that I get confirmed. I said I would on the condition that meant I didn’t have to go to church again except for weddings and funerals or to impress some girl whose family was churchgoing. Don’t put on your agnostic hat if Daddy is a God-fearin’ mayun because he’ll think judasyou’re just there to get into little Judy’s panties – which you basically are.

So, I truly do try to avoid insulting the faith of others – Christian or non-Christian – because if I had any answers I wouldn’t have so damn many questions. So, keep the faith, babies, whatever that faith may be, but don’t try to impose it on me.


4 responses to “If you don’t show me your beliefs, I won’t show you mine. OK?

  1. Everyone needs something to believe in and they do not have to have the same belief as I do. I have friends who are Universalists, some Catholic and a couple Jewish. I am happy that they have something to believe in and would never try to dissuade them from that. I wish people could be accepting and not try to “convert” others. As long as no one is being hurt, abused, tortured or killed, then they have the freedom to have their beliefs. I find mine helps me to get through life, handle problems and give me a sense of belonging. I hope theirs has similar effects on them. We are all accepting and supportive of each other, and never allow religion to divide us.

  2. I was raised a catholic, which pretty much explains why I’m an atheist today. I sometimes think it would be much easier to believe in something bigger, but honestly, though I have tried, let’s just say I don’t have it in me. This said, whatever floats your boat; just don’t try to make it float mine.

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