Don’t be reading this if you are of sensitive disposition. You have been warned

ubc liberry

Let’s see. How can I be ‘delicate’ about this topic.

But, it seems in a world fraught with scandalous behavior, there has been an onslaught of some brand-new scandalous behavior. Well, not exactly an onslaught but, according to media sources, some ‘incidents’ of activities by young ladies who should have been warned by their parents that to so indulge would either send them blind or sentence them to an eternity in Purgatory.

What it seems is that in certain public libraries in the US and Canada some young females are giving themselves to self-expression by (ahem) getting very familiar with their girly parts in said libraries and filming the process for all and sundry who might want to view said behavior. A few of them have been busted for ‘public indecency’ and, at the very least permanently expelled from the libraries in question. phone

My goodness gracious, in a library of all places. What would compel a young woman to doff her undies and share an activity that most people kinda think should be private for the sake of all to see? I honestly have no idea, but the word ‘exhibitionism’ comes to mind. Or maybe bad potty-training before they were three-years-old.

But, a library. Wow, locally the City of Courtenay’s primary concern with their library has been loiterers hanging about and rendering certain members of the public uncomfortable by their very presence on the planet let alone at the library. But, as far as I know, female users of the place have kept their knickers where they should be. Not a ‘Jill’ in the panties

It’s not that libraries are strangers to the seamier side of life. Way up on the top floor of the University of BC Library there use to be a chamber called Special Collections. That was the place in which the ‘dirty’ (heh-heh) stuff was kept and so salacious were some of the tomes deemed to be that SC was off limits for those of more tender minds, and only juniors, seniors or grads could access the ribald musings of de Sade. Anais Nin, Henry Miller and so forth. And that wasn’t all that long ago. Well to remember that Lady Chatterly’s Lover was only passed for public scrutiny in the late 1950s.

I guess it was believed that by the time you were a jaded junior or senior you had pretty much seen it all and were beyond salvation if you wanted access to SC. At the same time your desire for admission still earned you a scornful eagle eye from the old dears in charge of the randy writings.

God knows what they’d do with some pantie-less young doxy with her phone at the ready to enthral the e-world with the wonders of her fundament.


6 responses to “Don’t be reading this if you are of sensitive disposition. You have been warned

  1. When I was young I never would have done anything like that–not saying I would at any age either! I used to always think first: What would my mom and dad think if they found out? Would I want my children to see this (and with internet the chances go up!)? Would I want my grandchildren to ever see this?
    Maybe girls think that they will get the boy/man of their dreams if they give in to these requests. Maybe they believe they will become popular (well, they will but not in the right way). Maybe they think so little of themselves they feel this is an answer.
    I find it to be demoralizing for women and wish they would stop giving in to these things, most likely suggested by males.

    • I think it opens so many cans of worms, Rose, that I am not prepared to judge per se. I think we are mainly talking about exhibitionism. In the same context most women wouldn’t become strippers or appear in porno.

  2. Perhaps they enjoy it. Not to make your ears turn red or anything but it’s rumored these days that women enjoy sex, being sexy, doing sexy things, even things that one might consider ‘naughty’, and perhaps more so because of such thoughts.

    • Well you won’t turn my ears red, I’m pretty broadminded, and nothing wrong with women enjoying sex in all its wondrous manifestations, but I still think there is a bit of a pathology behind this type of exhibitionism. Or maybe I’ve just been going to the wrong libraries.

  3. Hmmm maybe they get off on getting off in public? It just seems a bit bizarre, masturbating in a library, but maybe that’s just me getting old.

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