The political problem with Steverino is that he knows a certain type of Canadian too well

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You have to hand it to old Steverino, he is one perceptive mofo of a politician. While many of us continue to delude ourselves with the ‘myth’ of the benevolent and polite Canadian, the dude in the big office knows well we are as rednecked as an Ozarks moonshiner, or a Ferguson copper.

Not us, we wail. That’s the Americans. Canadians are nice, polite, unprejudiced and believe in sweet-and-light non-violence. “Bullshit,” mutters the man at the helm. “I know what Canadians want. They want to be allowed to be who they really are. I appreciate that, while the other pussified parties don’t.”redneck

So, are you really so galled that a lady from a foreign land wants to wear a Niqab when she swears her citizenship? I’m not, but Steve knows that those with a burn under the collar are, and he’s a-countin’ on them folks to return him to office no matter how trumped-up and false this so-called offence happens to be to those who have ever traveled or who have availed themselves of higher education. But those folks aren’t Steve’s constituents for the most part, and he knows that.

Now, I am not suggesting there aren’t enlightened and cosmopolitan folks who vote for the governing party. That would be fatuous. But those who fall into those categories and who wish to return the party in power are generally comfortable financially and want to bring back their advocates rather than a bunch of ragtag pinkos or a young and inexperienced PET wannabe. (Not declaring my politics here, just acting as devil’s advocate.)broad

No, what I am talking about is the folks who long for a return to capital punishment, who will have spontaneous orgasms at the concept of ‘life-means-life’ prison sentencing, and who are hoping that Steve makes good on his suggestion that people living in the boonies should have the right to be armed-and-dangerous, and are hoping the central power in Ottawa doesn’t fritter away too much time dwelling on the plight of missing aboriginal women.

And then, of course, there is always war and our involvement in international conflict. Canadians are peacekeepers, are they not? So went what Steve knew was a myth. The peacekeeping thing was an invention of Liberal icon Lester Pearson. A priori Canadian flocked to the Boer War, both World Wars, Korea and not a few volunteered to join the US forces in Vietnam. Not for a second to impugn those who did serve, but let us not pretend we are always sweet-and-lovely and given to apologizing to a coffee table when we bump into it.

I am not coming down on one political side or the other, I am just stating that this guy knows his Canuck cookies when he politics and depending on where you sit that can, or may not be, a disconcerting reality. Worthy of consideration in an election year.


4 responses to “The political problem with Steverino is that he knows a certain type of Canadian too well

  1. Right on, mrwriteon.

  2. Why are PMs allowed to do more than two terms here? Really, why?

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