Animal abusers should be flogged and drawn-and-quartered, OK?


There was a news item the other evening that concerned the disgusting, cruel and depraved conditions at a particular poultry slaughtering outfit in eastern Canada. I chose to not watch it. I cannot stand footage showing animals suffering or being expedited with brutality.

In that context I can be a bit hopeless with National Geographic wildlife specials that show some hapless little quivering wildebeest fawn (or whatever they’re called) in a scene in which a leopard is stealthily approaching. I mean, I know it’s what life is like in the wild, but I don’t want to watch. We all use our toilets every day, but I don’t want to watch that, either. But honestly I’d be less distressed watching somebody poop rather than watch an animal be taken out.bart

There was a bit of an irony in the chicken savagery news report as in, guess what we were having for dinner that night? I know that is how meat gets on the table, but I like to think any slaughtered animal I consume was lulled to a sleep state by some sort of hypnosis rather than being savagely butchered.

Aha, I can hear you say (I can, really) if you are so damn sensitive, why don’t you turn vegetarian? Well, I would, but – you know – I have this carnivore aspect to me that tells me a salad is largely a garnish, not ‘real’ food. All I am saying is don’t involve me in the process, and do it as humanely as possible, you abattoir folks.

And about the news clip, I am glad they run them on the news. Such essays may serve to smarten the operators up a little bit.

I find that as I have gotten older I have grow increasingly sensitive to the wants, needs and comfort of animals. When I was a kid and kept chickens I could expedite them easily for the table. Today I could not dream of such a thing and when, at a later date, I kept chickens again, they comfortably died of old age.chicken

I have noticed lately that they have begun handing out some fairly reasonable jail sentences for animal abusers. This is a good thing, and it should always be the case. Hurt an animal = Do time.

Abusing animals of any kind should also mean a lifetime ban on ever owning a pet. Not five years or ten years, but for keeps.

Now, I am only looking for the time when it becomes a capital offence.


8 responses to “Animal abusers should be flogged and drawn-and-quartered, OK?

  1. All went well at the PO, a minor miracle in this country. With any luck, my other friend in Victoria will receive what’s coming soon. I did not know Global Forever stamps existed…

    As for the abuse of animals including those raised for consumption, I am with you. Give my best to Max.

  2. Animal cruelty breaks my heart. They cannot defend themselves in many cases. I have heard of people who fight pit bulls who do what is called blooding to train them to be vicious fighters. They steal peoples pets from their yards, get “free kittens” people offer, and then tease their dogs with them to get the worked up and let them rip them apart. I am shocked anyone would do that!! Police raided a place in California once and found hundreds of dog collars and a pit of bones from dead animals used for that purpose. If any collars had tags on them, they did their best to contact owners so they would not keep searching.Lots of other types of cruelty in the world, an dmakes me so sad.

  3. Those who run dog fights can go into a pit against each other and there’s no winner…a thumbs down guaranteed.

  4. I have said for years that I am morally, ethically, intellectually, and spiritually a vegetarian. It’s just my taste buds that are carnivore. That being said, I limit the amount of pig I eat because they are smart little buggers. My eggs are free range, even with the added expense. I prefer grass fed beef. Blah, blah, blah, earthy-crunchy, touchy-feely. But I’m okay with it when we’re talking about animals. I do what I can to only eat animals that have been treated with some respect while alive.

    And don’t even get me started on the abuse of pets. The previously mentioned Lionel and Daisy were rescues with horrific origins stories. Were I ever to meet their previous owners, I would happily treat them the same way they treated my babies.

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