So, the only way around this is for a lovely lady to offer to bear a male child of mine. No? Oh well, I tried

Ian as a toddler

So, let’s see. My Dad had three sons, of whom I am the oldest. I have no children. My youngest brother is childless, and my 2nd brother has a daughter.

My Dad’s only male sibling was disabled and childless as a consequence.

My Dad’s father was the lone male in his family and had two sons (mentioned) and two daughters.

So, as I read it I am at the end of the male line in the family – as in people who will carry on the family name. Well, that kind of sucks, but maybe, just maybe, we outlived our usefulness. Either that or we last vestiges were such noble beings that there was no purpose in perpetuating the clan. Yeah, that must be it.

Seriously though,. It’s an odd feeling to be the last of the Lidster Mohicans. I do know that my father wanted me to have children just to produce somebody to carry on the line. He brought the matter up with some regularity. At the time I was miffed and thought what the hell business is it of his? But I think by now I get his point. Yet unless some lovely female steps forward and offers to carry a male child for me, it’s not going to happen. Hey, now there’s a thought. Winning the lottery is another thought. Both lie in about the same realm of likelihood.

Am I distressed about this end-game? At one level not at all, but at another level it somehow doesn’t seem right. I mean, we Lidsters of this particular branch are a pretty decent lot. None of us has been convicted of a major crime. We’ve never failed an airport security check and have always been able to get passports. We’ve never done time, and we attempt to avoid breaking wind at inopportune times. We have good driving records and use our seatbelts and turn signals and some of us have been known to put the seat down after using the loo. That we are witty and urbane goes without saying, and our assorted wives will attest to the fact we are fine fellows.

But, when my brothers and I finally shuffle off this mortal coil, that’ll be it, folks. Don’t say we didn’t warn you and, as Joni once suggested: “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Oh, and thanks for all the fish.


10 responses to “So, the only way around this is for a lovely lady to offer to bear a male child of mine. No? Oh well, I tried

  1. Same thing happened with my daughter’s dad’s family: His father had two sons, only one had a child, my daughter. She married, but has kept her last name to let it go on a bit farther. There are other Fitzgeralds in the family, but none directly from my daughter’s grandfather. On the other hand, My dad was a “junior,” my brother “the third,” and my nephew “the fourth.” Pretty sure my nephew told me he would not be naming any possible son “the fifth.”

    • Well, I do have my niece but she is thus far childless. If she were to have a child I’d like it if she stuck her maiden name in their somewhere. Bloodlines can certainly carry on with females.

  2. The Pobbles die out with me, as well. It’s a saddening and difficult thought, as my father and grandfather were so vitally important to me. At the same time, we were something entirely different before the Irish potato famine brought us over, so it’s not like there’ve been Pobbles on the planet for centuries. A bit of a mixed bag emotionally.

    • I don’t know how far we go back. And sometimes in history the name was ‘Lister’ and at others ‘Lidster’. But once I was in Sheffield England, the Lidster home turf and there were a gazillion of us in the telephone directory.

  3. Well Ian, I suppose you now know what it is like to be a woman. Traditionally speaking, we lose our names immediately upon marriage to a man in favor of his, and any children born are given his name, not ours. Your niece holds the potential to carry on your bloodline and since you are all such a nice lot she should really get on to that business post-haste. Alternatively, you can ask Wendy to take a sister wife and get busy yourself. Another thought is that you can begin making donations to the nearest bank. Offer it for sale online? You could include the above glowing description of all that a Lidster has to offer. I especially liked the part about not breaking wind willy-nilly.

    Failing all of that, be comforted in the knowledge that names change all of the time. The people who made you, say six generations ago, also made others and it’s likely that some of them have bred like bunnies as Lidster is a fairly common name. Why, there are 34 of them living in California right this very minute!

  4. Candace you are such a doll with your suggestions and sensitive thoughts. See my earlier comment about Sheffield. And I know in the case of the famous Churchills the name had been lost thanks to no male to carry on, so Winsnston’s father switched from Spencer to Churchill, and Winston chose the name Spencer Churchill. And yes he was related to Diana of the same surname.

  5. Maybe it’s a guy thing? I honestly don’t see how it changes anything; it’s just a name.

  6. My family’s name of Hodgerson goes on through one nephew and hopefully his one son! Oh, there are cousins so maybe…It seems every Hodgerson we have discovered (rare name) are related so far!!
    I find many women are using hyphenated last names to keep theirs and also adopt their husbands, but a few of my married friends kept their maiden names altogether!

  7. Actually Wendy has kept her maiden name and I have no problem with that. I’ve always found it sexist that a woman should take her husband’s name, unless she chooses to.

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