I think if Adele hadn’t come along I’d have stood in jeopardy of entering my dotage


He (or she) is set in his (or her) ways.” That’s what people say about some crabby old curmudgeon (or crone) who isn’t prepared any longer to be up-to-the-minute nohow about nothin’.

I see elements of that in myself these days. I should be distressed about that. But, I’m not, really. Does that mean I am getting ‘set in my ways’? Probably. I certainly see aspects of the settin’ in of my ways about me. I should be bothered – I guess.

I once took great pride in being up-to-the-minute. I knew all the music, all the actors and actresses, was working with a computer long before a lot of others were. I dressed stylishly. While never faddish, I embraced worthy trends as they came along. curmudgeon

Once I interviewed a noted novelist who informed me that he did his writing in pencil on yellow legal pads. I didn’t get how he could do that. But, he was a traditionalist and that was what he was comfortable with. I began my writing on a typewriter keyboard and I honestly cannot compose on paper. And when the computer keyboard came about, I had found Nirvana. I could write and edit and spell-check in a trice. The only negative in this ‘revolution’ that I could see was that some individuals who couldn’t compose a decent grocery list began to fancy they were ‘writers’ and even tried to impose manuscripts on hapless editors and publishers. Fortunately, that nonsense basically got sorted out when (some) people realized technology doesn’t equate to creativity.

Now, my problem with the above is once I availed myself of a decent laptop I became stuck. And in being stuck I found I no longer cared for ‘what next?’. What I had was good enough.

I once had an early flip-phone which was about the size of a landline handset, and it didn’t work for shit. I then got an updated one. I think I maybe used it a half-dozen times. And it was just a phone, no camera or other nonsense on it. I watch people text-messaging in their numbers these days. I have never done that. I have no desire to ever do it. So, I no longer have any phone whatsoever. I am not troubled by that. Wendy and I have a ‘communal’ one that we use for vacations, but nothing more. I think it’s located in her glove-box. stax o wax

Now, I don’t eschew all things modern. We have a nice flat-screen TV that I wouldn’t be without. And the ability to DVR stuff is brilliant. On the other hand, there are other trendy innovations I have largely ignored. To wit:

– we still rent DVDs. I don’t get stuff like Netflix and I have never bothered to find out. We have a good DVD player and I don’t mind spending a couple of bucks to rent a movie.

– speaking of movies, I really don’t know any of the current actors and actresses, much less care about them. I see their mugs on mags at supermarket checkouts, often having been involved in some scandalous hijinx and why should I care?

– I have no idea who or what in the fuck a Kardashian is and why should anyone on the planet care?

– I once was pretty up on the music scene, but then the 1990s happened and all that came afterwards (with the notable exceptions of Adele and poor sad Amy Winehouse, but otherwise, nada caring. Play me that “old time rock-and-roll, the kind that moves my soul” and I am happy. I mean truly I used to be able to name the artists that recorded for, say, Stax Records.

And so on and so on. Well, at least I still dress OK and am in control of my functions, so I suppose not all is lost. Just set in my ways, I guess.


11 responses to “I think if Adele hadn’t come along I’d have stood in jeopardy of entering my dotage

  1. You haven’t quite reached curmudgeon status yet, Ian…Maybe at ninety…I mean, look at the Stones, still touring in their dotage…

  2. I feel EXACTLY the way you do about all this “modern” stuff – but I still kinda wonder sometimes what the hell happened to my youth and why don’t I care that I’m not up on all the current trends. But only sometimes …

  3. I agree about the music. Our musicians could actually play a guitar!!!! I prefer the old time rock ‘n’ roll! I am always teased about my old cell phone which doesn’t do much. It is for if I should break down or emergencies on the road. I have old records from the 60s and 70s and only wish I had a record player! Have to hunt one up.

    • I do have a record player and still have access to some great vinyl. I just had a Stones CD playing in the car and was struck by the musicianship in the offerings. Nothing like that now.

  4. I am eagerly waiting for my phone contract to end so I can get an iPhone 6 (we have no land line – between the cottage and home cells were just cheaper), I love my iPad Air and all the podcasts on my iPod. And I do love Nexflix (not having to wait a week for each episode of a TV series and getting the whole seaon in one fell swoop? Lovely).

    Technology is wonderful when it isn’t in the way. If it feels “in the way”, that’s when you gotta dump it.

    PS: Did people used to be famous just for being famous? I sincerely don’t understand the Kardashian phenomenon

    • Famous for being famous? I like to see myself like that — in my delusions. I’m not a complete luddite. I’ll get something ‘new’ if I find a need. If there is no need then I am uninterested. And bloody phone contracts — that’s one reason I dropped my cellphone. I rarely used it but had to pay a shipload of money for the contract monthly rate.

  5. That was meant to be ‘shitload’

  6. My problem is I have NEVER been up to date on things like that. I have never known what the name of the song was, or who the band was, or which movie is most buzzed about, or which actor is sleeping with whom, or what the latest trend is. Only now, I am reaching an age where people think it’s because I’m getting older and out of touch. I want scream at them NO! This is just ME! I’m just out of touch, not OLD and out of touch.

    Somehow the nuance makes me feel better.

    • ‘Nuance becomes you — it goes with your eyes.” Isn’t that a song? I get what you are saying and most of these things are so trivial and trifling. I think from my years of newspaper work I had to stay a bit current and then after that I didn’t really give a shit. And about which actor is sleeping with whom, indeed. Some lovely old crone once wrote: ‘As I grow older and older and totter my way to the tomb I find that I care less and less who goes to bed with whom.”

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