Just some of the bits and pieces that add up to the total me


I got a good chunk of a blog written and then decided mid-page I didn’t want to go there any longer. It was an epistle about knowing oneself and I found myself, maybe therapeutically, revealing aspects of me I then decided I didn’t want to share at random with people who either read my blogs (all 3 of them) or people who peruse my musings on Facebook.

So I was pounding away about some elements I realized I didn’t necessarily want to share with everybody. There are people here who know a little bit about me – those bits I choose to share – and people here who know a great deal about me because our connections through the years have been, ahem, closer. Closer at a number of different levels, not necessarily at an intimate level. Or maybe even so. I certainly am never ever about to write about ‘all’ my connectedness. Does that make sense?more love

And so, in knowing myself, which was my original intention – and it’s a good thing to know ourselves. Socrates suggested an “unexamined life” is not worth horse droppings, or words to that effect, and tiresome old Polonius told his worthless son, Laertes, that “to thine own self” we must be true. Am I true to mine own self? Therein can lie “the rub” just to hearken Shakespeare for a second time in a single paragraph.

I like to see myself as a fellow who has always been honorable. But, my basic ‘humanness’ has kept that from always being the case. Those who know me well know that to be true, and people I have lived with know it to be truer than true. And in my heart I share that misapprehension.love pictures-quotes

Otherwise, I am a human being. I eat, I sleep, I urinate, defecate and copulate. One of the last three is shared, the other two are private. And I am more than that. I think, I opine, I create, I laugh, I mourn, and sometimes even cry.

And most important of all to my ‘humanness’ is that I love. I love carnally, I love friendship-wise and I love spiritually. My need to love is profound, as is my need to be loved, and I hope that I am. In this I don’t just mean sexual love (although that is a component of the complete picture), but also love as a deep emotional commitment to people I hold dear, including people of my own sex. I have and have had male friends whom I love as much as I have loved a woman though, since I am straight, not in a physical way. But the bonding nature of such friendships is surely a component of love.

Some think the term ‘love’ is too blithely used and hence has become cheapened. I disagree – at least for me. If I tell somebody I love them it is meant as exactly that. No, I don’t want to marry the person or couple with the person, it just means that my emotional response to their presence is deeper than merely liking the individual. So if I have told you I love you, I mean it fully. Life is too short to not love and love sincerely.



8 responses to “Just some of the bits and pieces that add up to the total me

  1. I completely agree with you…I try to show love and kindness every day…I even have a blogger friend or two to whom that applies.

  2. And for me, dear blogger friend, it utterly applies to you.

  3. I think lots of words are misused today. Love, hate and my pet peeve: awesome. No, your t-shirt is NOT awesome. It does not inspire awe. It is not the Grand Canyon or the Milky Way, get over it. OK, off my soapbox.

    You can love a lot of people in a lot of ways and without that, life is ever so much more dreary.

    • I agree with your thoughts on love and how we can love people in many different ways. And, oh yeah. ‘Awesome’ total agreement on this tiresome expression.

  4. Love is important to me. I have many friends whom I love and cherish. I have family I love deeply. I even love someone who has hurt me deeply and that love is painful. I do not think we could survive without love.

  5. YES! I sometimes feel I have a capacity to love that is greater than others’ ~ or am more comfortable with it ~ or something. I know I can hold a hand, snuggle on a couch, hug, rest, be physically near without concern for gender or for sexual attraction (if anything, it’s easier to do those things when I’m *not* sexually attracted, because I am more relaxed) but others get uncomfortable with physical affection that doesn’t come with hints of sex, so I often refrain.

    I believe that love is not to be given lightly, yet once given, given wholly and completely, without strings or conditions. Which is why it shouldn’t be given lightly. So yes, once I love, I love and it takes an inordinate amount of negativity to make it stop.

    • Brilliant, dear BP. I so agree with the wisdom you express and it captures what I was attempting to express and I can be humble enough to suggest you said it better.

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