Don’t have an organics orgasm unless that’s what rings your bell


You see it in your supermarket produce section. Yours eyes light on wilty looking swiss chard, and wizened raspberries that cost twice as much as the regular offerings elsewhere in that department and you know that you are perusing ‘organic’ items.

Yes, it does cost more and looks rather tawdry but, my heavens, it’s organic and such purchases are much like praying as they just might put you nearer to the godhead and your conscience will be cleansed because you are not buying into the vileness of corporate ‘Amurka’, or Canada for that matter, since these days it’s difficult to tell the difference.chard

Now, despite your suspicions, I am not about to go all cynical and curmudgeonly and with a sense of superiority, inform you that the whole organic thing is a ruse and that it’s basically a bullshit rip-off – well, I am not going to entirely say that in the sense I respect your right to waste your money as you choose. On the other hand, there are considerations to be reckoned with.

We tend to think that organic food is more environmentally cuddly, and in one sense it is and that is because it doesn’t contaminate with pesticides, chemicals and other evil stuff. But the downside is that it doesn’t grow as productively as more conventionally grown veggies and hence demands about twice as much land for the same harvestable crop.

As far as being more nutritious, there are no studies that confirm that your organic corn is better for you than Monsanto-tainted GMO stuff, but chacun a son mythology. If eating inferior sized and expensive ears makes you feel better about yourself, then fill your boots.cfia-canada-organic-logo-24

Does it taste better? Well, shelf-life is shelf-life and it’s all a matter of buying what is good in season. Organic will taste much like inorganic, there’ll just be a bit less of it for your buck. If the organic comes from elsewhere it’ll be just as travel-weary as any other product.

Some believe it is cleaner and perhaps you needn’t wash it. Not so fast. It may not contain directly applied pesticides and herbicides but you have no way of knowing what is in the runoff water draining into those untainted fields.

You might think you are supporting small farmers. Think again, the big corporate cereal companies push a lot of so-called organic brands like Cascadian Farms for General Mills and Back to Nature, owned by Kraft – the same people who make that yucky agent orange Mac and Cheese.

If you are making purchases from local farms for products that are labeled ‘organic’ you can be sure it’s the real thing as the rules for such labeling are very stringent. But, for commercial products it’s a bit different. Products labeled organic must consist of 95% organcially produced ingredients, but those that tell you they are “made with organic ingredients” only need to be 70% pure in that regard.

Eat healthy, folks, but as the old adage states Caveat Emptor.


4 responses to “Don’t have an organics orgasm unless that’s what rings your bell

  1. If it is not washed thoroughly it could be hiding animal feces. One time (was the only time, too) we were eating in a Sweet Tomatoes all healthy restaurant and my husband got halfway through his salad to discover a green caterpillar in it (alive!). He freaked and I told him he was lucky it was not half of one. He ran to the bathroom and then returned with loud complaints. With lettuces and the like you need to take ll apart and wash each leaf!!!

  2. I’m sure I’d whither up and fall to the ground as dust if I stopped with the chemicals. They’re probably the only thing keeping me in one piece.

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