We all need to spend a penny with great regularity, so let’s stop being so delicate about it


What follows will be a discussion of a rather delicate matter. A delicate matter that involves something that we, of both sexes (oh, and not to forget the transgendered, and more about that later) carry out a few times every day – and often far too many times a night, in my esteem.

That is the simple act of urination. Oh, we do the ‘other’ as well, but I, in the interests of respectability, will stick to peeing issues and will offer a few thoughts in that regard.

I have often thought we are a bit uptight about the matter in North America, since it is something we all do, but we try to keep it separate as far as the sexes are concerned. I recall, many years ago, going to the loo in one of those old British hotels in the days when you didn’t have a facility in your own room, so you had to traipse down the hall. In any case, early one morning I was standing at the urinal when a middle aged woman trotted in, said good morning, and then entered a stall and went about what she needed to tend to. At first I thought I was in the wrong place, but that was apparently not the case. It was a coed can.restroom-signs-e-men-women

And why not, I concluded. I had my back to her whilst I peed, and she went into a cubicle and was hence in her own sanctum for her elimination. Why do we insist, for example, that stores and restaurants have one for ladies and one for gents? As long as you can maintain your privacy, then two aren’t needed. We don’t have separate facilities in our homes.

I think we are relaxing a bit, though. I have noticed on some TV shows, like NCIS, for example in which a man will be standing at a urinal in the restroom and a female colleage will come in and carry out a needed conversation at the time. And again, why not? We all do it, and his back is to her. Often the show will depict a bit of discomfort on his part initially, but not for long. I know it really wouldn’t bother me, but I am fairly immodest, I can only conclude.

Of late the issue has come up of how to accommodate the transgendered. I don’t get this one. If the ‘trans’ person (male, let’s say, changing to female a la Bruce Jenner) still has his ‘junk’ intact then he will use the men’s room. If he has made the physical switch, he will utilize the ladies. I mean, why is this an issue? We are only talking about a minuscule percentage of the population (like less than one percent) so I don’t think revolutionary changes are in order to accommodate.All-Gender-Restroom-Sign

If we really want to serve the peeing public then every bit of new construction that is installing restrooms should provide two (or even three) potties for females for every one for men. Women waiting in queues in desperation, I have been told, often stand in jeopardy of humiliating themselves because there is no available place to pee. I have a few times invited desperate women into the men’s during which time I will willingly stand guard at the outer door. Hmm, maybe the potty paucity is a conspiracy by the people at Depends.

Whatever the case, let us accommodate women before we worry too much about the transgendered. And maybe let’s work towards becoming a little less delicate about a normal human function.


8 responses to “We all need to spend a penny with great regularity, so let’s stop being so delicate about it

  1. I think all of these issues stem from the thought by many women that they NEED privacy, a need that comes from the misbegotten notion that their bits are the best and most sacred bits on earth and therefore should someone’s eyes happen to see them, well, such a violation would occur that they might have to commit Hari-Kari. Personally I’d like a little more privacy than I have currently, what with my sons almost always in attendance. Also, some people are sexual perverts and should not be given the opportunity to mix with others behind closed doors. Most aren’t of course.

    • Well, I have no way of judging the sacredness of your bits, but I shall take your word for it. Yes, there are the pervs, but most are probably quite respectable, but I can understand how a mom with young children might want to get away and pee in private

  2. I’ve been known to go to the men’s when the lineup was way to long at the women’s loo. They have both urinals and stalls in there and very few men use the stalls so I’ve never had to wait for one. It doesn’t seem to be an issue with the men, though I imagine it would create a huge hullabaloo if a man walked into the woman’s loo to pee. Go figure.


  4. French men seem to think it all right to pee in public places, never mind finding a loo….
    Doesn’t bother me..I’ve seen better specimens on saucers on shell fish stands…

    Currently I’m having to close the loo door to keep the puppies at bay – much more of a nuisance than men in a loo. At least men don’t want to treat the lowered undergarments as a cosy bed.

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