You’ll forgive me but I don’t plan to even attempt to be funny here


Charleston, South Carolina was named after roistering King Charles II of England. It later lent its name to an equally roistering dance of the 1920s in which bob-haired, short-skirted and uninhibited flappers, having escaped the prim restraints of the Victorian/Edwardian era uninhibitedly flashed their panties before appreciative lads of the era.

And the wonderful Gershwin folk opera, Porgy and Bess was situated very near Charleston. P&G focuses exclusively on black people, by the way, and that was over 70 years ago. So how far have we come?

I am old enough that I well remember the Freedom Riders. I listened to Martin Luther King before a redneck piece of shit blasted him to oblivion and immortality. So how far have we come?rebel-klan

The other day a similar piece of brain-dead shit walked into a black church and wasted nine innocent people whilst spouting racist, neo-Nazi horseshit. How far have we come? Again I must ask that.

So Charleston is a beautiful city and one of those trademark, candy-box, antebellum southern cities. Problem is it’s a place that also contains – I am sure in relatively small numbers (at least I hope so) – an element of antebellum mentality that doesn’t believe they drove old Dixie down back in 1865 and is still content to fly the hideous ‘stars-and-bars’ flag of the Confederacy on state buildings. How far then, have we come?

And I include ‘we’ in this mix in light of the fact that I have met Canadians of an equally vile and vicious mentality. I live in a society in which the native population has consistently been treated as 2nd-rate trash who should have their children taken from them, not to mention having their artifacts and artistry stolen in the name of some fucking white guy God.

Am I angry about this? I am extremely angry and horribly disappointed and already we are hearing apologists for this murderous piece of human excreta who took those unsuspecting lives of folk going about their worship.

How far have we come?

8 responses to “You’ll forgive me but I don’t plan to even attempt to be funny here

  1. Seems that we will always have people who have no empathy or concern for human life, people who only see the outer differences and not the inner souls of others, people who want to use and throw away others as if nothing. Those of us who do have hearts, do care, do love and do have morals always mourn losses of life. I always wonder why…why would they/he/she do such a thing? I just cannot comprehend it.

  2. We haven’t. The US as a nation produces 75 percent of the world’s serial killers. We are the most violent nation on the planet…Nothing to be proud of.

  3. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases we haven’t moved forward even a tiny bit. I have no words – none, at least that are fit for publication.

  4. We haven’t moved far at all, because people are still raising their children to see differences in color. People still chose to be identified by the color of their skin, instead of the content of their character. People teach their children that they are white, or black, or X, Y, or Z, instead of teaching their children that the labels don’t exist, and don’t matter.

    • Really wise stuff, Miss Candace. That’s exactly it. I remember the song from South Pacific; they have to be carefully taught to hate all the people the other ones hate.

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