Great White Hunter Walt’s maybe thinking he just shoulda stood in bed that day


Now the premise is, I love animals. All animals.

From the time I was a child I have owned cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, geese and have gained a lot from hanging with them. They treat you right. They are never deceitful and dishonest. Feed ’em and love ’em and you’ll get that right back from them. Says better things about them than it does about too many people on this planet. Animals don’t go to war, and they don’t attempt to impose boneheaded religious and/or political beliefs on you, reserving the right to annihilate you if you don’t agree with them.

Nope. Just give your dog or cat a warm and dry place to sleep and keep them fed and they are yours for keeps.blackity

As you know, my beloved Max is ailing and it breaks my heart, but I am also a realist and I know that life has a cycle, as unfair as that might seem. Wendy and I will love him for as long as we are charged to, and we will also love his memory forevermore. He is/was a blessing.

So, that is how I feel about animals. Wild animals as well as domestic. I live in Comox and deer are as plentiful as cocker spaniels and while some curse them, I always love seeing them. To spy a bear in the wilderness is a treat, not a source of fear. I regret that I have never seen a cougar in the wild.

Needless to say I don’t hunt. I don’t ‘get’ hunting. If I can pick up meat at a supermarket why do I want to kill something. I don’t even fish any longer, despite the fact it was an activity I loved at one time. I’m not a vegetarian, so maybe I am a hypocrite. I just want no part of taking an animal’s life. And in that context I will never ‘get’ such a person as Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer who paid big bucks to slaughter a magnificent lion in a Zimbabwe game preserve. I don’t wish him dead (as some seem to, but I think that’s a bit excessive) but I do wish him to rue what he did and I would like the fact that this tale has gone as viral as it did to provide a cautionary tale to anyone who might be considering such an ‘adventure’ in the future. Your transgression will not go unnoticed and you will pay the penalty of almost universal opprobrium, as old Walt has.

I also think that living in a province in which there is a government that seems to think it’s a peachy idea to trophy hunt magnificent grizzlies that we can ill-afford to be entirely judgmental about dumb old Walt unless we are prepared to fight the good fight to bring an end to that bullshit. Want to get your rocks off, boys, then scan Internet porno and leave the animals alone.


6 responses to “Great White Hunter Walt’s maybe thinking he just shoulda stood in bed that day

  1. I am also an animal lover. I swerve for squirrels and my friends think I am nuts. I ran over a snake once, pulled over, and was crying because he was squirming around in pain and I could do nothing as was not sure if poisonous. I do not get the hunting thing either as we are not in the pioneer days. I can see some people may need to hunt for food but most do it for “sport.” I do not think it is sporting at all. The animals are not armed! This whole story of the lion is sad and speaks of the inhumanity part of man. I hope he has to pay a hefty fine!!!

  2. The horrible thing about this, is that they lured the lion out of the preserve where he was protected with game. That right there is beyond evil.

  3. Pure evil, imo, and proof that animals are in some ways better than humans…

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